Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Another Cost of Diversity: 365Black McDonald’s Forced to Downsize for First Time in Over 40 Years (Poster)

Diversityniks are always telling us that diversity is the key to everything good, including unimaginable profits. And yet, the reality always turns out to be just the opposite--nothing but costs and downsides. And when there is an upside, it's just to correct one of those diversity downsides.


Anonymous said...

Here is a story of Saudis cheating in school by buying grades, & the comments mention one was a rapist who all got flown out of the US before any consequences could occur, just like with 911

I wonder how many Saudi valedictorians they had? It seems like all the non Asian minority achievers seem to be disqualified.

Anonymous said...

Integration dilutes everything thats good about our country.Besides the fact that blacks and whites are different thinking species (as are Asians and Mexicans) and do not get along.We don t have the same philosophy of life.I m not talking 100% of any race is a certain way.There are exceptions to all.That does not change what the majority of that race is like.I worked at a particular place for many years.When I started in 1979, there were one or two blacks out of 800 employees.Work was done quickly and efficiently.When blacks started to get hired in the mid to late 80s, that went the way of the Pony Express.Slow, lazy, arguing that they didn t or couldn t or wouldn t work as fast as we did.Production fell.Blacks filed for disability many times more than whites.By the time I retired in 2013, you d see a row of blacks talking, hugging each other for half an hour as they ran into each other, while the whites worked.Supervision which became more black didn t stop this behavior.I was glad to leave.Some whites saw the blacks not working and said,"if they don t work like they re supposed to, I m not going to cover for them".
My aunt worked at GM and said the same thing.They won t work.
And thats why blacks should have their own workplaces in their own areas.I don t know why it s like this but it is but it s part of what s ruining this country.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Don't you know? When you go black, you go broke! Ask a welfare queen. She ain't worth two cents now! If fast food can't survive diversity then nothing can! Those sixteen ton bags of crap that breed in the inner shitty must eat seventy seven meals a day, and the crime still put the Clownburger under! If clownburger can't make money feeding welfare queens that weigh two tons more than a T. Rex then this whole diversity scam is about to collapse right now or sooner!