Saturday, June 27, 2015

Get Your Confederate Battle Flags Right Here!


Army of Tennessee Battle Flag, sometimes called the Naval Jack, handsewn cotton by Dixie Memories ($325). That’s the priciest, most exquisite version, but nylon and polyester versions are available for as little as $7.99

By Nicholas Stix

I’m not selling the flags, because I’m not a merchandiser. If I were, you can bet your sweet life, I would.

These are various companies I found via a Google search that sell confederate battle flags, and related merchandise. The order of the list is just the order in which I found them. The quality and prices of their wares vary. I do not vouch for any of them.

However, this much I’ll say: The dictator calling himself “Barack Obama” is going to do everything he can to eliminate these small businesses, and any others like them. The law and freedom of commerce mean nothing to him, and the First Amendment is but a distant memory in this country. So, get your battle flags, while you can!

Patriotic Flags

Ultimate Flags

Stainless Banners

American Flags

Dixie Memories

Shop Civil War

Ruffin Flag Company

Cooter’s Place

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