Thursday, June 18, 2015

Freddie Gray, Marilyn Mosby, and the MSM: A Dialogue

Re: “The MSM’s Baltimore Agitprop Offensive Includes Lying About the Riots—and Acting as Accessory” (VDARE.COM)
A reader writes:

Hey Nick,

GREAT article. I'm STILL curious about how Freddie Gray died. Do we have any confirmed information on that? Doesn't it seem odd how quiet everyone is on that subject? And as for the six indicted police officers I have questions about that too. It seems to me that the White officers were included to cover up Black police misconduct/negligence. For instance the indictment talks about the lack of probable cause but isn't running from the police considered probable cause? And it talks about the knife being legal but isn't it illegal for a convicted felon to carry ANY weapon? If I'm not mistaken the White cops were the ones who arrested him and it was the Black cops who took over afterward and "failed to render medical assistance" (if you believe the indictment).

P.S. My views regarding all this rioting is that White people need to pick up the gun and shoot rioters. ;)

Nicholas Stix responds:

Thanks you for your kind words.

"[I]sn't running from the police considered probable cause?"


Freddie Gray’s death: All the MSM are doing is repeating SA Mosby’s fairy tale. I have not heard anything scientific about how Gray died. And I don’t think we ever will, unless someone with some power, like the FOP (union) can force her hand, e.g., by suing to get her removed.

Mosby must:

1. Give an exact cause of death; and
2. Come up with a rigorous theory of causation, i.e., how the officers’ affirmative acts brought about FG’s death.

So far, she hasn’t accomplished the first task, and I don’t believe she can accomplish the second.

I have never believed her story about the death of Gray, and I see no reason to change my mind. SA Mosby’s exaggerated utterances about Gray’s death were, to my eyes and ears, the theatrics of someone who has neither the facts nor the law on her side.

The old lawyer’s saw goes: If you don’t have the facts on your side, pound the law. If you don’t have the law on your side, pound the facts. If you don’t have either, pound the table.

Mosby is pounding the table.

As for the arrests of black and white officers, I’m not sure what to make of that. For black supremacists like the Mosbys, blacks who do anything to maintain civilization are “actin’ white,” or as one of my natural mothers said in 1989, of her kids’ wonderful black foster parents, “They just work for the white man.” (Mom had let her boyfriend rape her daughter on or before the child’s second birthday, and shortly thereafter almost drown the child in the bathtub. In my experience of black supremacists, their ideology and heinous personal and professional conduct frequently go hand in hand.)

In a like vein, in 2005, black mass murderer Brian Nichols denied that his murder of one black sheriff’s deputy (along with three whites) was “collateral damage.”

“[I]sn't running from the police considered probable cause?”

I thought so, however, we’re not dealing with the law anymore, but with the rule of crime. The Mosbies’ supporters have chanted to policemen that the BCPD is under “community control.” That’s black supremacist code for, “The law is whatever we say it is, whenever we say it.” SA Marilyn Mosby is a black supremacist to the bone, e.g., as with her husband, Nick, for her the rioters are the good guys.

Besides, if you’re going to arrest every cop who makes an arrest that doesn’t stand up on probable cause grounds, then you’re either going to either arrest them all, or they’ll all stop doing their jobs—which is, of course, the point.

“[I]sn't it illegal for a convicted felon to carry ANY weapon?”

Excellent question… for a lawyer, which I ain’t. (I know that it’s a federal offense for a convicted felon to carry a firearm, but don’t know the situation regarding knives.)

However, one of the charged cops, Officer Edward Nero, has countered that the knife was an illegal weapon, ergo that the arrest was legal. Officer Nero’s lawyers claim that the knife was not a folding knife, but that it had a spring, à la a switchblade. SA Mosby claimed that according to state law, the knife was legal (and not opened with a spring), but Nero’s lawyers claim that it was illegal, according to a city ordinance.

I just hope that SA Mosby doesn’t switch the knife. Am I suggesting…? No, I’m saying that, à la “Obama,” the woman is flat-out evil, and capable of anything. She supported the railroading of George Zimmerman and Officer Darren Wilson. She has shown herself to be completely unfit to be an officer of the court.

I would think that the city ordinance would be illegal, since a city cannot overrule state jurisdiction, just as NYC’s municipal ordinance making mace/tear gas an illegal “noxious substance,” overruling a state law enacted on November 1, 1996 legalizing it, must also be illegal, but SA Mosby can’t make that argument, and cops can’t be prosecuted, based on a Catch-22. That goes likewise, of course, for civilians.

This raises an issue that should have been dealt with by the courts years ago—municipalities that create their own “laws,” running roughshod over state and even federal (e.g., immigration, in cases of so-called sanctuary cities) statutes.

Your implied skepticism, regarding "fail[ure] to render medical assistance" is also well-placed. If SA Mosby has her way, cops will get murdered left and right, by bad guys who set them up, by screaming, “I’ve got a boo-boo! Help!” And that’s just what she wants.

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