Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baltimore: Confederate Flag Syndrome – 9 People Shot Monday, #BlackLivesMatter Unavailable for Comment….

By Nicholas Stix

At The Last Refuge.


The Mad Jewess said...

I will tell you.. This is one thankless job.
I could just 'let it go', I live in the boondocks of Arizona. None of this affects me living way up here.. I already lived in the barrio & fled.
So-Why do I even give a damn....

Endless posting b/w crime, not linked up (on blog rolls) by ANY WN sites. EVER. Comments removed on WN sites-
Dissed, ignored, castigated on Twitter, merely for existing as a Jew.

I really don't know how you continue, Nicholas.
And, I do not know why I waste my time anymore.
That's how I feel lately.


Nicholas said...

Dear Beautiful Lady,

I know exactly how you feel. I left a comment at a WN/N-N/WS site a few months ago, Alternative Right, where they had published an essay, many of whose points (excepting, for instance, a commenter’s forced conversion of Charlie Chaplin to Judaism) could have been written by me. I emphasized that I had not written the essay

This Duns Scotus is a brilliant fellow. He reminds me … of me. Must be a member of The Tribe. Ahoy, brother!

Alternative_Right Mod to nicholasstix • an hour ago
Shut it down!