Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pat Buchanan: Totalitarian Supreme Court Majority Forces Decadence on a Broken Country

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

Standing ovation for Mr.Buchanan.We need differing opinions in this country desperately on all these subjects.Otherwise the tidal wave of reprogramming this nations minds will be completed sooner than even the purveyors of this new tolerance would ve thought.Accept the new mindset--smoke some weed ,have some gay sex, get pregnant by a black guy, go on welfare and you ve achieved the new American Dream-courtesy of the liberal thinkers. (Oh that s right, we ll do your thinking FOR you as well).
Sorry...I m not joining THAT club.

Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan always was an honest realist. Many people associate abortion with minorities and don't think of the millions of whites aborted. This is food for thought that is hard to digest. Abortion along with butt buddy rights are the final nails in western civilization.

Anonymous said...

The train of western civilization has taken many turns. It has fallen off tracks and may soon end in a wreck beyond repair. Natural law has been violated. The soul of western civilization has been lost through decadence and liberalism.