Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Multicultural Wrap-Up

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance.


Anonymous said...

In what would be a Monday multicultural wrapup....Trump, Miss America, Miss Universe kicked off NBC for speaking the truth.No freedom of speech in this country anymore.Why not let the American people decide with TV ratings and THEN cancel the shows.That s assuming there d be a protest against Trumps shows in the first place.We don t even get the chance to vote anymore on what is objectionable.This is scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Trump has long voiced his disagreement with immigration.Where was NBC s outrage at Trump all these years?Ahhh being hypocritical while "the Apprentice" was getting ratings thats where.Trump leaves that show to run for president and gets backstabbed.If NBC really is that worried about the feelings of Mexican immigrants,who in most cases can t even understand English, they should have fired Trump years ago.But they didn t.