Saturday, June 27, 2015

Flag Company Writes, “Why we are still selling Confederate flags...”


Army of Tennessee Battle Flag, sometimes called the Naval Jack, handsewn cotton by Dixie Memories ($325). That’s the priciest, most exquisite version, but nylon and polyester versions are available for as little as $7.99.

By Nicholas Stix

I just got the following mass mailing in my inbox, no doubt because I’d just promoted the company here, as a purveyor of Confederate Battle Flags.

From - Faithfully delivering flags of freedom and honor.  



We have received some pressure and less than polite requests to stop selling the Confederate battle flag.

As ardent supporters of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution we don't appreciate it much when people want to ban a flag - as is being discussed about the Confederate Battle Flag.

No one can honestly say that everything done in that flags name was honorable and decent, and no one wants to return to that more backwards time in our history. However, it does have historical an cultural significance. For some it is a flag of oppression, for others it is a flag that symbolizes a struggle for freedom over tyranny. Because it was the flag of the vanquished side, the victor has been able to define its meaning - as is true in all of history.

Flags represent ideas, past and present. The way some people attack ideas they don't like is to attack the symbols of that idea - such as its flags. It has never been an effective form of argument. Every time someone proposes banning a flag, sales of that flag go through the roof.

Its been said that the first amendment that protects free speech is really there to protect unpopular speech, as popular speech needs no protection. We are here to make sure you can get a hold of even 'unpopular' flags so you can express your own ideas with them.

This is not because we are profit driven, we do well without selling these flags. It is because we know that when any majority can suppress any minority and its ideas, that neither side is free.

So we do not participate in boycotts or bans of flags. And if the day YOUR flag and ideas are ever under attack, you'll know you can find it available here.

John Nesbit

Link to our "Rebel Collection"

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