Monday, June 22, 2015

First, They Came for the Confederate Battle Flag; Now, They’ve Come for the American Flag!



By Nicholas Stix

Sam Francis predicted all this, back in 2000.


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Anonymous said...

Whatever the blacks want they get.Here s what else they want:
Decreased jail time for felonies.Keeps those "great" fathers from their children (and making a few more).
More welfare, less work.
More Section 8(especially in whiteys neighborhood), less work.
Less police involvement in their illegal drug and prostitution businesses.

Less testing in schools (it s too confusing).
No responsibilty for helping crimes that are committed get solved..Example:Over the weekend in Detroit they had a block party where 10 people were shot.Police investigating said "no one s coming forward to give information".Always the same story.
The right to use racism for any reason..but not be judged as racist themselves.
The right to destroy whatever neighborhood they move into and then complain about whitey leaving for racist reasons.
The flag did not cause this shooting.After it s removed...what will they blame next?