Friday, June 19, 2015

White Policemen are Running Around Baltimore, Chicago, and New York, Slaughtering More Black Men than Ever!

By Nicholas Stix

That's got to be the explanation. What else could it be?


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Anonymous said...

So then it s coming down to Darwinism.Who wants to survive.Blacks or whites? Or maybe even black policemen in those cities s a long process but maybe these filthy, drug filled cities need to implode without interference..and they will.Let the people who look the other way when crimes are committed feel the result of not becoming involved in stopping illegal and violent activity.All I hear in my area are black shootings(usually drive bys) and no one becoming involved.
In my little block we had Mexicans with long criminal records move in next door to my house.They we re uncivilized to put it mildly.Guns, drugs, prostitution you name it.I complained to the landlord and had my tires slashed by them but kept pushing and finding out more information about them.Finding out one was a sex offender who hadn t reported his new address and was living with young children was the key break in getting them evicted.You can ignore crime or fight it.If you want your neighborhood to be a good place to live, you have to get involved.