Saturday, June 27, 2015

Flags Kill: If, According to Racial Socialist Logic, a Person Who Takes Pictures of Himself with a Confederate Battle Flag Kills Nine Blacks, and We Therefore Have to Get Rid of the Confederate Flag…

By Nicholas Stix

Then, if a person with an American flag kills ten blacks, they have to get rid of the American Flag.

Likewise, if someone uses an SUV to commit mass murder, they have to get rid of SUVs.

The real “logic” of racial socialism is this: Word games plus coercion (intimidation and violence). Thus, both reality and morality are, and were, anything racial socialists say they are at any moment.


Anonymous said...

As I ve blogged before...what else can you blame after the flags are taken down--confederate uniforms, statues of generals from the Civil War, historical buildings in all the Southern States that used to be Confederate? Or just go after the people who are in favor of the flag.Maybe we eliminate free speech and opinion and history altogether.Seems to be getting that way.I voiced my opinion of being opposed to legalizing gay marriage by the Supreme Court on another blog and was destroyed 10-1.I was accused of wanting interracial marriage be overturned--which would be a great idea in fact.I simply noted this was judicial overreach and if a republican had won the last election,he would not have appointed a liberal judge and a decision like this would not have happened.I also said "whatever you do-don t call it marriage-it s a legal contract pure and simple."Marriage produces children 99% of the time.I was annihilated.
Considering gays make up less than 7% and blacks 13% of the population, the country has seemingly lost its mind appeasing these groups.Strange days indeed.

Kyra said...

We already have people mass-murdering people with SUVs. They're called Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Blaming an inanimate object is beyond ridiculous.It s the mindset of the individual.What would make one million people NOT do anything (like seeing a flag) as opposed to the one person that might?His mental state.Juxtapose that with the hatred blacks have for whites.The crimes perpetrated against whites by blacks or black crime in general is without excuse.Just a tendency toward violence and crime(it s definitely not

Nicholas said...

Gays are more like 3% of the population. Look, even if that was a lefty blog, the commenters probably didn't go against you 10-1. I've had the same experience, except that my comments usually get blocked or deleted. Comments by people who agreed with you were blocked or deleted, but they left yours up, to make it seem as though they were tolerant of dissent. It's a common practice among totalitarians. "See, nobody agrees with you."

It's to make it look as if dissent were futile. Before the Internet, Thomas Sowell wrote about how many parents would go individually to their kids' principals to complain about things like sex ed. No matter how many had complained, the principal would lie to each parent and say, "You're the only one who has complained."

Similarly, daily newspapers would fabricate a counterfeit "consensus" by only publishing letters to the editor that agreed with them.

When the Internet boomed, dissenters could find each other on discussion boards. Thread Nazis at blogs and big media comment threads had to find a way to stop that. So, they started fabricating a counterfeit consensus in the way I described above.