Thursday, June 25, 2015

What School Authorities Do to White School Boys Who Challenge Civil Rights and Other Anti-White Lies (Trigger Warning!)

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By Olorin [to TruthBeTold]
June 24, 2015
American Renaissance

The other piece of this all is that young white people hate to be told or forced to lie, and in my lifetime schooling has become nothing but forced indoctrination with propaganda and religio-political formulas.

The frustration that the Charleston shooter vented in such an appalling and inexcusable way no doubt had at least some foundation in the constant, vicious pressure to say things he knew or experienced not to be true, or to know and experience things he couldn't say.

Are you aware that in many school districts, for a white boy to question honestly anything he's taught will have him incarcerated and drugged into submission?

Friends of mine had a son who asked questions about the Rosa Parks and civil rights stories told to him in school. They were questions such as I asked at his age. My questions were met with impatience and silencing, but his were met with an immediate pathologization of them as racism and anti-social behavior. It wasn't long till a "diagnosis" of ADD, ADHD, and other "adjustment disorders" followed, with the inevitable pharmacological agents.

This boy has been in and out of juvenile detention centers for the past four years. He is 15 years old. He is being systematically robbed of his sanity and personhood--for the crime of being born a white boy with genetic impulses for honesty, truth telling, and justice.

This is the ultimate victory of forced Diversitopianism. They will keep at him till Big Brother's bullet enters his brain...or he self destructs.

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