Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dylann Roof’s Targeting of Charleston’s Mother Emanuel AME Church was Not Random

[Previouly, at WEJB/NSU:

“The Manifesto of Dylann Roof, Complete and Unedited.”]

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

“There are 10 AME churches within a mile in any direction of the Emanuel AME church. The shooter chose this specific one.

“Anyone who has spent time deconstructing fraudulent racial narratives over the past few years will immediately recognize, and admit, the AME church network is the most politically -and racially- connected network of affiliates in the nation.

“The AME network is the faith based power structure for the professional Black Grievance Industry….”

At The Last Refuge, aka The Conservative Treehouse.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Just another "black church" in the black grievance industry doing political and unlawful (tax exempt) shenanigans.

Anonymous said...


It is important to show that David Burke of Flt. 1771 fame had a racist chip on his shoulder. Maybe you have and I missed it. Nevertheless, check out this archived AP article:

Family Defends Burke Despite Evidence With AM-Plane Crash, Bjt
AP , Associated Press
Dec. 11, 1987 7:39 PM ET

“On July 15, Burke complained to the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing that he had been passed over twice for promotion to customer service supervisor.

“Burke alleged white workers with less experience were promoted to the supervisory positions and blamed Thomson for the alleged discrimination. But he decided against filing a formal complaint, said Annabella Hwa, the department's district manager in Los Angeles.”

Anonymous said...


According to Wiki, David Burke shot his former supervisor Frank Raymond Thomson twice before sending the jet into a nosedive:

"The most plausible theory as to what happened was deduced from the pattern and audible volume of the shots on the CVR. According to the Mayday episode, it is likely that Burke first shot Thomson twice. Thomson's own seat was never recovered. Part of a seat that was identified from its serial number as being directly behind Thomson's was found to have two bullet holes in it. Due to the power of the revolver, the bullets must have traveled through Thomson's body, his seat, and then through the seat behind."

It is important to know this because leftards will claim that Burke was merely a disgruntled employee. The fact that Burke considered himself a victim of racial discrimination and most likely shot Thomson first tThe handgun with Burke's finger welded to it was recovered in the wreckage) is strong prima facie evidence that Burke carried a racial chip on his shoulder.