Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New York City Municipal Government to Normal White Men: Get Out of Town! You’re Not Welcome Here



A white woman (or is she Hispanic?), a Hispanic and/or homosexual man, and a black woman. That’s communist mayor Bill de Blasio’s New York. Who will make the babies? Illegal aliens. And who is the actual targeted beneficiary of this fake ID? Illegals.

People like the models in the photograph won’t be getting the city ID, because they already have legal ID, whereas the illegals have only fake social security cards, which they obtained through identity theft.

De Blasio would like for as many actual American citizens as possible to get the fake ID, so that he could hide the illegals within and crowd, and thereby diminish the card’s value as an indicator that its bearer is a criminal invader.

An illegal alien can show up in New York City today, and go straight to the head of the line, while lifelong, patriotic, white American citizens like yours truly are condemned to stay at the end of the line forever.

To be fair, when I arrived here from West Germany on August 26, 1985, normal white men without connections and/or pedigrees were already unwelcome, but the city’s hatred of normal white men—you know, the guys who built this city—was not yet, if memory serves, a part of advertising campaigns.


Anonymous said...

1)De Blasio has got to go.2) The transition of this country going from mostly white America to mostly not white America is the single most important event in our history since the Declaration of Independence was signed.One event began our country, the other will finish s not just here though.Britain is being overwhelmed with floods of immigrants warping what used to be a great country into a country with a cancer... what America has--a slow eating cancer eating away at its host...and the patient is terminal.

Anonymous said...

And don't work at a City Civil Service job if you are white. The Caribbean Mafia and black American women diversity mafia will like about you, harass you and make your life miserable. It's by any means necessary to get white people off NYC jobs. The commissioners pretend it doesn't go on. It does. more than half the people who are employed by NYC literally do no work what so ever.

Anonymous said...

Told to a white friend of mine applying for welfare: Welfare is for black women and their babies, not white boys.