Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Obama Uses Confusion as a Weapon to Disorient the General Public, so that It Will Leave Politics to Activists

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

This one hits home, my parents are friends with the parents of this girl, I didn't really know Kyla personally because they moved to Nevada years ago and my parents would only see them when they went to Reno. I remember when she was raped and strangled, the family was devastated, the perp was never caught until now. Turns out it was an undocumented immigrant murderer, the POS has finally been identified by dna years later. It's a sad story all around and I don't want to blame the victim but she was the type of girl who moved to a seedy section of town inhabited by blacks and immigrants, she was a hippie dippy type chick who didn't believe that kind of place was dangerous for a single white girl. Her parents were terrified for her and the kind of people she was living around, turns out they were right to be. I feel an incredible amount of rage about this, but also a lot of helplessness. At least the parents aren't mouthing pithy sayings about forgiveness - they want the death penalty, and so do I. Jerry PDX

David In TN said...

Can't count the number of cases I've seen in which a young white woman living alone is raped and murdered.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the New York Times jumping on this rape-hate crime that Jerry PDX posted.