Friday, June 26, 2015

WANTED: $1,000 Reward for Information that Will Lead to the Arrest of Perp in Racist Hate Crime! At Herfurth Elementary School in Rowlett, Texas, 14-Year-Old Girl is Brutally Beaten, While Holding 3-Year-Old Toddler She was Baby-Sitting; Child was Almost Killed; Police Lie About the Obvious: “This is Not About Race” (Explicit Video and News Story)


Gang-Banger Ernest Irizarry Jr was of some value to civilization, in spite of himself, when he uploaded and posted the video of the crime

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According to the Fox 4 news story, the beating that the 14-year-old black supremacist gave her 14-year-old white victim, which includes a knee to the face, was only a misdemeanor, but the harm done to the toddler (her niece), who was slammed to the concrete, was a felony.

In other words, if the racist black girl hadn’t almost murdered a toddler, the cops would have ignored and thus “disappeared” the attack.

Note that the two black female attackers comprise a Mutt-and-Jeff team. A Mutt-and-Jeff team usually involves one partner who is big (“Mutt”) and one who is smaller (“Jeff). However, the distinctive aspect of their m.o. is for the partners to both face the vic form different directions, and thereby create a right triangle with him. One partner stands directly in front of the vic, while the other stands perpendicular to him. The partner directly in front of the vic will close distance, as the attack nears. If the vic defends himself against one perp, the other attacks him. But in this case, since the vic had her hands full with the toddler, one attacker was more than enough.

I have observed at least three Mutt-and-Jeff teams that I can recall; all were black. The first team, circa 1993, was of black girls closing in on a crazy black homeless or street guy. I was with my mom, so I took her out of the subway car.

The second team was two black guys in September 1995, and I was the vic. I gave them the surprise of their lives, which greatly upset them. I hurt one of them, and he hurt me.
The third time was in this video.


June 25, 2015 News Story from FOX 4 News - Dallas-Fort Worth


Depending on the source, Herfurth Elementary School is 51-53% Hispanic, 28-30% white, and 13-15% black.

Brutal Beating Location and Video Uploader Identified – Rowlett, Texas (Filmed At Herfurth Elementary School)…
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After some awesome sleuthing by Treeper Manickernel the authorities in Rowlett, Texas have been notified the videographer of the horrific video is Ernest Irizarry Jr.

Read The Last Refuge for the rest of the known story, and for the reward information.

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