Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Even at ZeroHedge, the Truth About Black Crime is Leaking Out

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

Yes. What most people do not think of is that the most violent of blacks are the young males from in their early teens to around fifty. So we are talking about only 6 or 7 percent of the US population, although black females can be just as violent as their male counterparts. In summary this is a very small part of the US that has in effect destroyed a good part of the US. The media in all of its forms has done a nefarious but well performed effort to keep this fact from the people.

Anonymous said...

I check out Zerohedge frequently and saw this article a couple days ago.Quite a few angry responses from blacks mainly how you can "twist"numbers to make black crime look worse than it is.That s all they ve some antiwhite verbiage.
People aren t being honest about race.I went shopping today for some food today and saw an amazing sight.A gorgeous young slim white woman shopping with an obese (300 lbs+) black guy.It was preposterous.I tried to analyze this.Was he a pimp? Maybe.She certainly couldn t be attracted to this guy.Was she being fed the black b.s. of "if you don t hang out with me, youre prejudiced".Young adults are easily manipulated.Obviously she s an idiot.This guy didn t look like he could afford a twinkie yet he had this beautiful woman with him.She has quite a future ahead of her....not!!!

David In TN said...

Note the "prisoner" percentages in the table in the article and the categories; "Asians, Blacks, Native Americans, and Whites." Notice who is missing? We're always told "Hispanics" are so numerous but are mysteriously absent in the "prisoner" column.

Where do you think they are? Care to guess which column they were folded into?

Officer Sławomir Płewa of CPD (REINSTATED) said...

The critical male cohort actually only accounts for 4.5% of the US population, not six or seven. Amazing that such a comparatively small group of people can cause so much damage and trauma.

Officer Sławomir Płewa of CPD (REINSTATED) said...

I'll take "White" for $500, Alex.