Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Racist Black Patricia Pace in Plano, Texas: “I’m down for randomly killing white people, Rs”

By Nicholas Stix

At the Dallas Morning News.


Anonymous said...

I got news for Ms. Pace, plenty of racist blacks have already been randomly killing whites. Typical Afroracist, either stupid and ignorant or disingenuous. How soon they forget:
Ali Muhammad Brown
Brandon B. Howell
Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammad
Antonio Rodriquez
Aaron Alexis
Christopher Dorner

Of course, even if their victims are white and spout racist ideology they are never portrayed as "racist" killers by the media. Jerry PDX

Anonymous said...

Here's another pedophiliac whitey rapin' a little girl....oh wait, it's a black guy. Yeah, sure, only white men do this shit. Just ask any black person on the street they'll tell you, coz' it be fact. We says so, so it be true.
I've been watching news articles about these kind of crimes and there are an awful lot of non white child predators, considering where I live is 90% white, it's very noticeable, if you understand per capita that is, something Afroracists can't comprehend.

I wonder how many black people let older men like this babysit young girls because they believe that black men don't sexually abuse children (like them evil whiteys). That racist and stupid belief is so ingrained they don't even believe black men do it after it happens. Probably chalk it up to workin' on dey mad pimpin' skillz. jerry PDX

Anonymous said...

Well as far as I know there are not only a lot of black people that are for that there a lot of black people that have been doing that, some of them caught and some of them still loose out there.

Anonymous said...

Black people apparently do not "excell" in spelling.