Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pat Buchanan: Who are the Real Haters Here? The Newest War on the South is a War on America

By Nicholas Stix


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Anonymous said...

Where is Pat Buchanan on our airwaves? Not to be found.I hope it s that I just miss him as I change the channels but he seems not to be invited to the "Let s put America to shame"party for good reason.He won t say what the networks want to hear.
First, Lester Holt on NBC has turned that networks news into BET.As I see todays report of the 2014 census I notice that 60% of the USA is still white,17% Mexican and only 13% black.Well there must not be ANY blacks from Nevada to Wisconsin because all I see is 80% black bullshit everywhere else.NBC news leads off with some story of black oppression every night....then a followup on previous stories of either so called false arrests or white cops overstepping their bounds.Then after a change of pace where we might have politics (tonight was Trump insulting Mexicans), we wrap with black kids playing baseball with cops.You d think we were 60% black 13% white from the amount of black news.It s bad enough to turn on every damn game show and see 50% or more black contestants AND hosts---which I will not watch, though Wayne Brady is tolerable.He STILL has an audience full of blacks who are impossible to watch.What can be done? I d love to hear suggestions.