Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Savage Charleston, South Carolina Murder Shows the True Face of Racism in America!


Melissa “Missi” McLaughlan

By Nicholas Stix

Brace yourself. This one will be rough, even for veteran readers of this blog: Melissa “Missi” McLaughlan.

The only comprehensive report I know of, on the racist gang rape-torture-murder of Melissa “Missi” McLaughlan.

Excerpted report that one of McLaughlan’s killers was due to be executed. As best as I could determine, Joseph Gardner was executed on December 5, 2008. However, none of the usual outlets that The Pretend Encyclopedia, aka Wikipedia, in its inadvertently Orwellian style calls “reliable sources” seems to have reported on the execution.

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David In TN said...

I recall reading the Heterodoxy piece when it came out. I just sent you something on the case from the My Life of Crime site. It has over 100 comments, several with the usual rationalizations.

Another point. Some of the perps, Gardner in particular, were active duty members of the military. Not the first example, others being the Hi-Fi murders and the Marine sergeant and wife in San Diego.