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Victor Young’s Dramatic Score to John Ford’s Masterpiece, The Quiet Man (1952): Main Title and Castletown Opening



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

First complete recording by The Dublin Screen Orchestra conducted by Kenneth Alwyn.

1. Main Title & Castletown Opening
2. This Way! / Journey to Innisfree & Humble Cottage
3. Sean sees Mary Kate for the first time (Sheep Grazing) / Arrival in Innisfree
4. The Wild Colonial Boy / River Cottage
5. The Race
6. The Courting / Bicycle Made for Two (Village Street)
7. Love Scene (The Stream / The Graveyard)
8. Trooper Thorn (The Fight Bell)
9. The Isle of Innisfree (Vocal)
10. I'll take you home again Kathleen (03:45)
11. Cottage Fireside (Forlorn)
12. Galway Bay (Vocal)
13. Prelude to the Big Fight
14. The Fight
15. Finale and End Title
16. The Isle of Innisfree (Reprise)

Main Title & Castletown Opening

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