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The Parkland Massacre wasn’t a Mental Health Massacre, or a Background Check Massacre… It was an Obama Massacre

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I’m sure one of my reader-researchers sent me this, but I couldn’t find the e-mail.

In the August 1996 Chronicles magazine, I published the first national exposé on the practice of fakestats, whereby the NYPD, under Police Commissioner William Bratton, engaged in institutionalized statistical fraud in crime reporting.

The practice continued in the NYPD, and spread all over the country, as William Bratton and his capos were hired to run the nation’s biggest departments:

Los Angeles

The tricks of the trade were also spread to cities not in the Bratton orbit, such as Milwaukee (here and here)
and New Orleans.

However, that wasn’t enough for the racial socialists. They expanded the fraud to school police, as well. (Beyond, that is, their usual levels of fraud.) Charles Hurley, the chief of the Miami-Dade County school police, had his department routinely lie about crimes committed by students, in order to present a sunny portrait of school life. Thus, when Trayvon Martin was caught not only committing vandalism in school, but in the possession of stolen jewelry and burglary tools, Chief Hurley’s men disappeared the crimes. Instead of being sent to juvenile hall, Martin was suspended, and was thus at his father’s girlfriend’s house, where he unsuccessfully sought to murder George Zimmerman.

When the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” and his criminal general, Eric Holder assumed power, instead of reforming such corruption, they doubled down, and bribed school police who would engaged in still more corruption!

Thus, all sorts of crimes committed while in school by Nickolas Cruz, which would have flagged his background checks, and thereby made it impossible for him to legally purchase a firearm, were “disappeared,” thereby enabling him to become a mass murderer.

Obama's culpability in Parkland massacre
Exclusive: Brent Smith notes “Promise Program” that kept ne'er-do-wells out of database
Published: 1 day ago [March 3, 2018?]

We have to do background checks. We must expand background checks. The people want them; they’re the only thing that works. We’ve heard it all. It’s always the same leftist refrain. More government will solve our problems. Always does – right?

But pandering politicians are demanding the wrong thing. Of course a proper background check will stem the tide of unwanted gun purchases. But expanding an already flawed system will not fix the system. The background check by itself is the not the problem. It is just a stupid computer database. It won’t and can’t do anything until someone tells it to perform a background check.

And even then, the machine is only as good as the data that has been inputted.

Imagine a calculator. It makes even doing simple tasks like addition easier. But the calculator cannot do it on its own. Numbers must be inputted for the calculator to perform a task. Entering 2 + 2 in the calculator will always yield the same result: 4.

But if the operator of the equipment, the calculator, inputs the wrong number, the calculator will produce the wrong answer. No matter what we do to the calculator – change the batteries, use a backlight, enhance the display, or even add buttons, the output will always be incorrect. And what if the operator never inputs any numbers? Naturally, there will be no output, no answer at all.

This is what has been happening anywhere former President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder had instituted their bribery “Promise Plan.”

The Promise Program was “invented” for reasons of – what else? – diversity. Too many young blacks were being incarcerated. And schools were losing out on federal dollars because of the dropout/incarceration rate. The Promise Program incentivized police departments not to arrest young black men thus making the schools’ retention numbers look better. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be that obvious as to only let the young black ne’er-do-wells skate, so they expanded the “look the other way” service to include most school-age hoodlums.

And Shazam – the arrest/incarceration numbers began to plummet.

But this is precisely why background checks don’t and can’t work – because of the Promise Program. Like the calculator, the database can’t function if criminal data aren’t put into the system. The system, like the calculator, is only as good as the people running it.

It is precisely why Nickolas Cruz passed one after another background check. Like many other Broward County hoodlums, his name was left off the background check database.

We can’t be the only ones who know this. Yet sadly, maybe we are, as politicians are in a all-out scramble to expand background checks.

House Speaker Ryan said, “We shouldn’t be banning guns from law-abiding citizens. We should be focusing on making sure that citizens who should not get guns in the first place don’t get those guns.”

But due to the efforts of Community Organizers Barack Obama and Eric Holder, the crimes and/or offenses committed by Nickolas Cruz were never inputted into the system. And because of this, nut-job Cruz looked like every other law-abiding would-be gun owner to all from whom he wished to purchase a weapon.

No matter how many background checks were done on Cruz, just like magic, he passed every one. Expanding a non-functioning system will do as much good as will expanding the duties of the calculator.

If the children, parents and politicians wish to get angry at anyone, at least lay the blame at the feet of the deserving – Barack Obama.

Brent Smith, aka The Common Constitutionalist, is a constitutional conservative who advocates for first principles – the founders' original intent and enemy of progressives. He is former Navy and a martial arts expert. Smith considers himself just an average Joe with no formal journalism background – but rather than simply complain about the state of our nation, he took to the Internet to battle the left. Check out Brent Smith's blog.

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
More of those black family values: Jerry Lee Curry, rapes and abuses his twin daughters, now in their early 20's, for 10 years. One of the girls escaped and reported him to the police May of last year, no comment on why it took police so long to arrest him. Location of the mother of the girls is unknown. According to black America, this is whitey's thing, regular news reports prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Holder predicts Trump will be indicted
on obstruction.Lol.If Holder was AG or special counsel--yes he would be.
That's one story circulating this weekend.Here's another:
In this article (for the umpteenth time),Trump has gone bonkers.The tariff he proposes is a sure sign of it.The media continues pushing for removal by way of the 25th amendment now,instead of collusion with Russia.Business Insider appears to be at the forefront of this.Rebecca Harrington wrote a "How To Remove a President With Only 14 People" on January 8th.
"Mike Pence and 13 of Trump's cabinet is all that's needed,"says Harrington.
Then today,the case is made by Harrington,why Trump has lost it again.
Personally,I'm for shoving back against China and the European Union and their money sucking trade practices.Many agreements have been made that cost us jobs and money.Trump has decided the "buck stops here",if we are to survive as a country (financially).Of course the globalists are against tariffs(by the USA,not other countries) and they are being heard--from May and Merkle,to economists and US phony pols like Lindsey Graham.
A lot of pressure IS on Trump--and we know who is responsible.
The same people who are pushing for a 25th amendment removal--like Business Insider and NBC,who by the way,can't be trusted about a damn thing they write or broadcast.
This is getting serious--I hope Trump CAN keep it together,because we're going to need him to think with total clarity,as more media and political attacks mount ahead of the midterm elections.So far in public,he seems fine.In private...that is the question.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"Believe it or not"news:Oscars to change its name.
(March 4th,2018)
Reports are being circulated that after this year's presentations,"The Oscars",will be changing the name of its award show to,"The Oscahs".
In the same way the word "nigger" was altered to "niggas",the overwhelming amount of blacks prominently featured on the "Red Carpet Show",gave ABC execs the idea to update the Oscars moniker.
"We want to stay current and fresh,"said one exec,"and to appeal to the group we're pushing to take over the country,we thought 'let's dump the white sounding name of Oscar--and update it to name with blackness--'The Oscahs' ".
The Oscah itself will no longer be a gold statuette either,but a statue made from dark chocolate and frozen to prevent melting under stage lights.
It's being debated whether to allow any whites at all to future award ceremonies.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The only question in my mind was not that it would be blacked up but just how blacked up the Oscahs would be. It's even worse than I thought. I idly thought about counting the number of blacks onstage and seeing just how much over it would be from the 13% ratio blacks have in the US but couldn't summon up the energy. Let's just say it's well over that.
Just watched the two sistah's come onstage and let whitey know "we got one over on y'all". They started off with this routine (as best as I can remember it): "Y'all were wondering if there were going to be enough black people, now you're wondering if there's too many! Don't worry white folks, there's plenty of whites backstage, especially the kind that wander around with clipboards giving you shit"
The underlying message was: Don't worry whitey, even if negroe's take over, we'll still allow token whites around.
I tuned out the names of the negresses, doesn't matter who they are, only matters they were there to mock white America while the bootlick white audiences laughs nervously along. Trust me on this one: Black America isn't laughing with you, it's laughing at you.

Anonymous said...

I see the commies caused a hassle at Richard Spencer's speech at MSU today..Police are making arrests-12 so far.Live coverage--WOODTV sent a 340lb negro to Lansing to cover's how they do it here.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Further info from Leon Hendrix,the aforementioned 340 lb negro reporter on the scene,at East Lansing.Lawsuits had to be filed by Spencer for MSU to aquiesce to a permit.According to Hendrix,the speech is scheduled for 8pm,"where only 200 of a possible 2000 seats,will be filled."
Sharpshooters are visible on the roofs of nearby buildings.Scuffles have been reported.Let's see if they go after the negro reporter.Not too smart of his channel to send him there,but they like to instigate anti-white incidents and take the blacks side whenever possible.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Correction,Spencer is talking now and is expected to wrap up at 630pm.