Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Voter Fraud is Non-Existent in America! (Just Don’t Talk about All the Dead People “Requesting” Ballots)



By A Texas Reader

Election Fraud Investigation Expands with Ballot Requests from Dead Voters

New questions about dead people requesting ballots for the March Primary highlight an expanded investigation of Dallas County voter fraud that started with May ...


Anonymous said...

Precinct worker:"Have you noticed all the people named Jose Jimenez that voted today?Must be a couple thousand."
Fellow precinct worker,Jose Jimenez:"Si!!!"(laughing)
Now for something completely different.
That is until,I assume,Trump pardons him.Agree?
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Fox news is getting to the point,that I have to increasingly mute the screen,as the number of blacks appearing on the network has jumped to above the "irritating level" on the Nigmeter.This includes guests and hosts.
My levels are:No blacks to see--perfect
for me.
Irritating:In a 2 hour block,3 or 4--can't take much more.
Ghetto level:More than 4--I'm out the door.(Changing channels).
Friday was a first--Charles Payne and two blacks on FOX business,which combined with the ones I saw on Trish Regan's show earlier,made it an official ghetto day at FOX.Click.
Laura Ingraham had 2 big mouth blacks (normal)on last week arguing over her feeble attempts to shut them up.
FOX,I watch your station to see whites talking.Blacks are plentiful everywhere else--you DON'T have to have that many on to hit your quota.Please,less blacks is more.
--GR Anonymous