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Obama Dead-Enders Perjured Themselves in Congressional Testimony, and are Now Publicly Threatening the President

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I want these contemptibles to fry. I'd fight to be allowed to throw the switch myself. Although, come to think of it, I'd prefer to garrot them. Hands on. The personal touch would be nice…

Samantha Power and the importance of being very, very afraid of ex-CIA chief John Brennan

By Monica Showalter
March 19, 2018
American Thinker

The rage wing of the Democratic Party has gotten active again.

Former Obama administration United Nations ambassador Samantha Power followed former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan to make big threats to the Trump administration in the wake of the firing of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe for lying. It's fascinating because it's something President Trump had absolutely nothing to do with, given that it was apolitical watchdogs in the Department of Justice and the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility who made the call. Yet they are lashing out and now making threats – because it's dawning on them that they too can be held accountable.

Here is what went down, according to the Washington Examiner:

Former CIA Director John Brennan, an Obama appointee, told Trump on Twitter that when his "venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes [sic] known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history."

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, an Obama appointee, then warned Trump it is "not a good idea to piss off John Brennan."

John Nolte of Breitbart hasrightly noted that such tweets call out for an investigation, given that they amount to threats from Deep State and Obama dead-enders, writing:

Both of these tweets raise enormous questions, not only about what is meant by these threats, but what kind of inside information these former Obama officials might be receiving from unauthorized sources.

What's also obvious is the sense of entitlement these people have. Similar to President Obama, Power exudes an arrogant right-to-rule sensibility. President Trump's election to the Obama inner circle, after all, is still a shock; still illegitimate; and, in their own minds, insulting, because only they are the rightful possessors of power, not the citizens who elected Trump, in part to just get them out of there.

It's not the first time a threat to use the intelligence community as a tool of revenge has been used by Democrats on Republicans, either. Just last January, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer warned Trump he shouldn't challenge the intelligence community because "they have six ways to Sunday at getting back at you."

It goes to show how little these people believe in accountability from the government, the idea that government exists to serve the people instead of the other way around, and how certain they are that the intelligence community is as partisan and corrupted as they are.  McCabe's firing above all sent the message that it's against the law to use public office for partisan purposes. Since they did that all the time, this must be concentrating their minds.

Power should be in hot water for unmasking nearly 300 Americans without ever being at the core of the intelligence community. She claims that someone else did it, but some analysts say that would be impossible, so now what we are looking at is either her facing perjury charges or her acting as an agent-dupe for Obama himself, which she would have to reveal in testimony, or her leaving her passwords lying around, if that is the way such requests were made, which just coincidentally ended up being used by political partisans instead of hackers looking for checking account numbers or spies looking for secrets. And interestingly, if all that was baloney and she is responsible for the unmaskings, she would have to have taken all her time on the public dime as U.N. ambassador to do this.
Brennan, meanwhile, is in hot water as well for spying on Americans.

If holding McCabe to account is a done deal, it's probably pretty scary to be these arrogant and entitled officials at a time like this. No wonder they are lashing out.

The tweets were brimming with mockery.

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Caught this on Foxnews:
Yes, a white former employee of the Atlanta Hawks has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Hawks citing a culture of discrimination toward whites fostered by black external affairs director David Lee. This from the article:

The lawsuit by Margo Kline was first reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She claims that Hawks external affairs director David Lee, who is black, promoted a culture of discrimination against white people, and especially white women (that's odd, usually black men are more hostile toward white males, but maybe those white wimmin ain't worshipping his Kelbalsa)

According to the Journal-Constitution, Kline claims that Lee was dismissive of white employees and promoted less qualified black employees over their white colleagues. According to Kline, her superiors responded to her complaints by ridiculing and gossiping about her. She also claims that other white employees were told not to speak with her or they could lose their job


It will be interesting to see how this one plays out, but I'm pessimistic about her chances, predominantly black Atlanta means a mostly black jury which means she has no chance. Maybe they can make it a judge's decision trial and get a white judge who doesn't hate his whiteness. This is one case that will never be decided by facts if there are negroe's in charge.

Could this case expose the culturally ingrained racism and bigotry of blacks toward whites when they find themselves in positions of power over them? I doubt it but one can always dream can't they?

Anonymous said...

Trump caves in on "Wall"
Congressional negotiators reach deal on $1.3 trillion spending bill ahead of Friday government shutdown deadline
By Mike DeBonis and Erica Werner March 21 at 8:33 PM Email the author
Congressional leaders reached a tentative $1.3 trillion spending deal Wednesday to keep government agencies operating through September, unveiling legislation that would make good on President Trump’s promises to increase military funding while blocking much of his immigration agenda.

The release of the 2,000-plus-page bill Wednesday evening, after a two-day delay, touched off a legislative sprint as lawmakers try to pass it before Friday night, the deadline to avoid a government shutdown. And with a key senator unwilling to say whether he would agree to accelerate the deal’s consideration, it remained uncertain whether they would be able to meet the challenge.
GRA:The article goes on to say only 1.8 billion was appropriated for building a wall,instead of the 25 b that Trump wanted.A lot of Republican opposition,but it appears this budget is going to be attempted to be rammed through,"Wall" or not.Not sure of its chances but Dems like Schumer love it.That should tell you plenty.
--GR Anonymous

Chicago guy said...

Brennan voted for the communist party candidate Gus Hall in 1976. Anyone see any problem with having someone like this being head of the CIA?