Thursday, March 08, 2018

San Francisco: Hispanic Armed Robber Who Speaks No English Tries to Kill Cops, but They Kill Him Instead; CBS “News” Operative Refers to Robber/Failed Cop-Killer as “the Victim”; Local "Immigrant" Criminals Quickly Paint Memorial, "STOP KILLING US"

By Reader-Researcher R.C.


And why does comely CBS San Francisco operative, Emily Turner, refer to the robber and would-be cop-killer as "the victim"? (Anchor Elizabeth Cook is younger, and even prettier. Why mention their looks? Why do you think they have their jobs? Certainly not to provide the news!)

“… and now there’s a growing crowd across the street, where this happened, who are here because they want to support the victim.”

Dramatic Cell Phone Video of Fatal San Francisco Officer-Involved Shooting

A San Francisco armed robbery that ended with one suspect fatally shot in the getaway car's trunk Late Tuesday night was captured on cell phone video.


Anonymous said...

"Early on Wednesday evening, a crowd gathered at the scene of the shooting to hold a vigil for the man who was shot. Signs and posters being held by mourners identified the suspect as 19-year-old Jesus Delgado."
--KPIX TV report.
GRA:Send Sessions and ICE in there to start deporting the mourners.Anyone sympathizing with his death,are sympathizers with the way he lived his criminally slanted life.Adios banditos.

Anonymous said...

What was his immigration status?

Anonymous said...

Also on CBS tonight
8pm Sheldon
Sheldon makes friends with a (black female)upperclassmen.
CBS TV ad.
"Sheldon's got a crush on a someone"( hefty black girl shown).
It looks like the persistence of the networks,to try to influence whites into thinking about blacks as future mates,is increasing.Almost 100% of the examples seen on TV, are black men and white females.Now,a show that mostly young, white kids view,will get to see CBS' propaganda and preferred future for whites.White guys,come on...make your move on some black girls,don't be racist.
It could have been a sweet story with an older white girl,but CBS chose to make it interracial.Too bad CBS has to have an agenda all the time.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

It's actually called,"Young Sheldon",about the early years of the Jim Parson's "Big Bang Theory" character.This is an actual episode,not one of my fictional musings--you can go on Youtube and see the commercial--if you want to waste valuable
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Signs and posters being held by mourners identified the suspect as 19-year-old Jesus Delgado."

I hate it when the Mex name their sons Jesus. And must be pronounced by the gringo so fastidiously so. Hey-Zeus.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I saw that Sheldon episode also, it'a a mildly amusing show but not that great, only it's relation to Big Bang Theory is giving it high ratings IMHO. The episode with his "crush" was clearly PC posturing, the "real" Sheldon is an essentially asexual character, only having a romantic relationship because he feels it's something he should be doing, a crush that young is completely out of character for him, a crush on a chubby black chick even more so, in real life he'd be making a connection with someone because of their mind, that might actually seem a little credible.

I've seen plenty of white men and black female relationship in recent years also, though nothing has more effect on young minds than the omnipresent Kardashians, that grotesque family of white females than only date black men, and flaunt it in the face of white men and black women with vicious glee, which is why I believe they were selected to become manufactured celebrities in the first place. I suspect it's the behind the scenes hands of white female entertainment executives and gay white males that are responsible for the rise of the Kardashians. They are designed to appeal to the white female market, and second to that black males though I don't think they have any products for them to purchase so white females remains their primary target market. Black women and white men despise them, understandably so, but apparently that one demographic is enough to keep their product brand viable.