Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Goin' Ghetto: Affirmative Action at Fox News

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 10:41:00 P.M. EDT

Fox News is getting to the point, that I have to increasingly mute the screen, as the number of blacks appearing on the network has jumped to above the "irritating level" on the Nigmeter. This includes guests and hosts.

My levels are: No blacks to see--perfect for me.

Irritating: In a two-hour block, 3 or 4--can't take much more.

Ghetto level: More than four--I'm out the door.(Changing channels).

Friday was a first--Charles Payne and two blacks on FOX Business, which combined with the ones I'd seen on Trish Regan's show earlier, made it an official ghetto day at FOX. Click.

Laura Ingraham had two big-mouthed blacks (normal) on last week, arguing over her feeble attempts to shut them up.

FOX, I watch your station to see whites talking. Blacks are plentiful everywhere else--you DON'T have to have that many on to hit your quota. Please, less blacks is more.


Anonymous said...

Simple solution--no TV. I haven't had a television since someone gave me an old one decades ago while I was in college. It is great--no fake news, no perverted TV shows, no annoying commercials. Years ago, while on vacations, we turned on the TV in motel rooms. Each time, after wasting about 5 hours, we realized we had not seen a single thing worth watching. And we no longer stay in motels--preferring to camp in remote areas far away from people.

jeigheff said...

My wife and I don't watch TV either. I guess it helps that we're behind the times: no cable, etc., at home. I want no part of TV today.

Still, I confess that my wife and I sometimes watch TV while on vacation and visiting our families. We sometimes enjoy ourselves watching classic movies. We also (sort of) try not to watch shit, although my wife once gave me heat for pausing on "The Jerry Springer Show" while I was channel-surfing while we visited Port Aransas a year or two ago.

Truth-hammer said...

Good. Good. It is great to see more blogs calling out the negro and not dancing around the 'Negro Question'.