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Cashill: If Trump’s Old Sexual Peccadilloes are Fair Game, Why weren't Obama’s?

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If Stormy Daniels, Why Not Larry Sinclair?
By Jack Cashill
March 21, 2018

“Earlier today,” Larry Sinclair posted Tuesday of this week on his Facebook page, “I received an email from one of DCs leading News Organizations White House reporter asking my take on the Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal consensual sex allegations against Trump.”

“Of course,” Sinclair continued, “the question included the comparison of media attention given to this compared to 2008 allegations/statements.”

The “allegations/statements” Sinclair refers to are those he himself made at a press conference at the National Press Club in June 2008.

Sinclair began the 2008 conference by detailing his past criminal history, his convictions largely involving check fraud. “But I am also an American citizen,” he noted.

Sinclair then told a very detailed story and included the names of all involved, the dates, the hotel, even some phone numbers.

As the story goes, and he told it very convincingly, Sinclair came to Chicago in November 1999 to attend his godson’s graduation.

He asked his limo driver, name provided, if he could recommend someone with whom he could “socialize” while in Chicago.

The driver recommended Obama by name. When Obama showed up, he introduced himself as “Barack Obama.”

Together they smoked crack and Sinclair performed fellatio on Obama. The next day Obama showed up at Sinclair’s hotel, and they repeated the ritual.

Sinclair first became aware of Obama’s political career when he gave his keynote speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004. Sinclair was living in Mexico at the time.

In September 2007, according to Sinclair, he contacted the Obama campaign with the request that Obama tell the truth about his use of drugs.

At the time, Obama, then a candidate for president, was telling the media he did not use drugs after college.

Some time later Sinclair received a call from a “Mr. Young” who allegedly worked with the Obama campaign. Young wanted to know if Sinclair had told his story of sex and drugs to anyone in the media.

The nature of the call surprised Sinclair in that he had not mentioned the sex part of his get together with Obama.

In a second contact that October, Young claimed he was “personally involved” with Obama and wanted to make sure Sinclair had not talked to the media.

In a third contact in early December, according to Sinclair, Young confessed that he was just milking Sinclair for details about his rendezvous with Obama and that Obama had no plan to correct the record on his drug use.

On December 24, 2007, Chicago’s ABC station reported that the choir director at Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ, Donald Young, was found shot to death.

Sinclair believed that this was the same “Mr. Young” who contacted him. As WND reported in 2012, Young was openly gay, and many in the Trinity United community, including Young’s mother, believe Young was murdered to protect Obama’s reputation.

Of course, none of this interested either the mainstream media or the respectable conservative media.

Politico, whose “most read” story this week concerned Stormy Daniels’s alleged affair with Donald Trump 12 years ago, headlined its account of the Sinclair press conference, “Obama accuser has long rap sheet.”

Reported Ben Smith, “Sinclair is familiar to political junkies and reporters as the source of outlandish allegations about Senator Barack Obama, tales that began with sex and drugs and moved on to murder.”

This was the same Ben Smith who in February 2008 reported as fact David Axelrod’s claim that the Obama-Bill Ayers relationship went no deeper than the happenstance that their children “attend the same school.”

True, upon learning that Obama’s oldest child was born 18 years after Ayers’ youngest, Smith later added a comically circuitous “update.”

In September 2008, Smith and Politico came to Obama’s rescue once again. On the word of someone not even known to Percy Sutton’s family, Smith insisted that Sutton’s story of helping a Saudi prince get Obama into Harvard had been put “to rest for good.”

As in the Sutton and Ayers cases, Politico made no real effort to follow up on Sinclair’s accusation. The network and the major newspapers do not appear to have reported on Sinclair at all.

Today, Sinclair sees the media’s sudden interest in old sexual encounters for the agenda-driven hypocrisy it is.

“So at first I thought maybe I should just politely ignore the email and let it go without reply,” Sinclair writes about the media request, almost assuredly from a conservative source.

“Then I realized that after more than 10 years of having people use the media, internet and social media to distort and outright lie about the truth I might want to put my 2 cents in, if for no other reason than to address the people and the media’s thirst for finding ways to twist facts to fit a narrative.”

As he surely suspects, Sinclair will find his story no more welcome today than it was 10 years ago--Stormy Daniels or no Stormy Daniels.


Andrea Daley said...

What happens in the Middle East illustrates what happens here.

Why is it that Zionists get away with everything but Palestinians never get a break?

Because Jews control the West and favor Jews over Palestinians.

The US is part of the West, and Jews get to pick favorites. Obama was their boy, their trophy. So, he was always protected and shmoozed as their pet monkey.

Trump pushed populism and nationalism, so Jews see him as the enemy.

Still, Jews control Trump. Jews control Deep State. So, if they can't get rid of Trump physically, they mess with his mind because they control everything.

Jim-Jim said...

Trump will survive the Tit Offensive.

Anonymous said...

Will the Cahill COLUMN see the light of day?Will Joy Reid talk about it tomorrow?Will Jimmy Kimmell construct a monologue with a bisexual Obama theme?Will Colbert have a sketch depicting Obama as Dr.Obama and Mr.Hide (in the closet?)
I don't know if Obama did this or not,but the people mentioned above don't wait for 100% verification,before using unproven stories about Trump,as grist on their shows.
Trump probably did a lot of women.If I were Trump...I'd have done the same thing--without getting married.Melania shouldn't be surprised--and maybe she's not.
This is all a cascading of attacks,on various fronts,to bring a supposed big Dem victory in November--and then on to the impeachment.It's even possible a stock market crash will be initiated by the powers that be,to cause more anti-Trump disdain.I look for more riots this summer as well.
The Dems have Trump in such a bind that to AVOID impeachment,he has to pass budget bills like the one he did yesterday.Either scenario will be bad for (white)Americans.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

CASHILL is a tremendous writer.I Googled him and found a list of great,thought provoking articles,that will never be discussed on MSM.Here's another.

Chicago guy said...

In some tourist spots they have signs saying George Washington or Abraham Lincoln slept here. Perhaps Daniels will now wear t-shirts saying 'Trump slept here'.