Thursday, March 22, 2018

Democrats Gone Wild in Memphis: Watch as Violent IHOP Customers Throw Chairs, Glassware at Manager



By A Texas Reader


Breitbart’s Nate Church: “IHOP manager Mohammed Al Hourani was allegedly assaulted by a group of unruly female patrons at the International House of Pancakes in Memphis, TN, after one of them was allegedly not provided silverware.

“Hourani asked the women to please quiet down after they began to cause a 'commotion' in the wee hours of the morning at his IHOP restaurant. The irate customers only grew louder, so the embattled manager requested that they leave. At the exit, they turned on him, and one attacked."

N.S.: You got it backwards, Mr. Church. The manager was definitely assaulted by the females, but they were only allegedly patrons. Do you know for a fact that they spent money at that IHOP that night? I didn't think so.

In fact, on second thought, I guarantee you they did not spend one dime. After all, they hadn't finished their meal.

I have now concluded that certain of the usual suspects often go to fast food joints in the middle of the night not to eat, but to batter the workers and managers.

We need background checks and waiting periods for cell phone purchases, and dealers need to give training, before arming people with these dangerous weapons.

You hold the thing sideways, you know, like a gat!

They hold guns sideways, but cell phones straight up, in order to always miss!


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I think in a lot of cases they do eat, they just don't end up paying. I think this is the black version of the old scam of: Order food, eat most of it but then find a hair in the soup routine. After eating most of their food, they become unruly and pick a fight, restaurant employees just want them out of the building, that they didn't pay is forgotten amidst the chaos and confusion.

My first real job was at an IHOP, I was 16 and spent a couple of years bussing tables, washing dishes and cooking, it was hard work but kind of fun in a way, and my first experience at having some real disposable cash as a kid. I had to work late into the night and still go to school the next day which was rough on my grades but I still got my diploma fairly easily. I remember the owner/manager of the restaurant was a real hard nose, he's probably get sued for improper behavior or mental cruelty nowadays but he liked me because I worked hard and did a good job. He was Jewish but hated black people, about 3 out of 4 times we had a dine and run it was black person. Anytime somebody black applied for a job he wouldn't hire them. I remember he told me once: "Never hire blacks in restaurant work, they don't want to serve white people, it's never works out".

Anonymous said...

Of course as soon as we saw the headline, everyone knew it was the Amish at it again. Society has got to show these people that there are consequences to their violent behavior. I remember seeing one of these people--of the large and in charge subspecies--at a railroad crossing where a train was passing. She was so outraged that the cars in front of her were stopped that she blew her horn non-stop and continually screamed obscenities out the open car window. Just where she thought the cars in front of her should go with the train in front of them is a mystery. But she just could not control her insane anger.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of unruly,the coup of DJT ramps up today and over the weekend as Trump's lawyer resigned today.John Dowd,the lead attorney in the Russia case,quit for many supposed reasons including:
Dowd was against Trump talking to Mueller,Trump wants to testify.
Trump wanted to wage a PR war against Mueller,Dowd was against it.
No one can actually know WHY an attorney quits in the middle of an investigation--except Trump,in this case,but it can't be good.
Part 2:Stormy Daniels interview with "60 Minutes" will air Sunday.That's the other battle line by anti-Trump coup forces,in the attempt to force him out.Ruin his image and the impeachment can proceed.Other Playboy bunnies have lawsuits for which Trump can theoretically be deposed.So you have Russia,women and if all else fails--the 25th amendment,mental capacity issue,that globalists(including McCain,Graham,Ryan etc)have as their 3 main aircraft bombs to drop on the POTUS.After Sunday,Trump will know what London felt like in WW2.

--GR Anonymous

countenance said...

Sessio Volans sighting.

Anonymous said...

Must be that time of year...
when Lesta likes to put on his "news" broadcast "an unarmed black man shot by police in Sacramento."
Of course they gloss over the fact that this black thug (who NBC had the audacity to show in a a suit and tie-must have been a Halloween costume lol)was a suspect in a series of car vandalism reports.Helicopter video showed him running from yard to yard and when police finally cornered him in his grandmother's backyard,he was shot because police thought his cellphone was a gun.A)Very reasonable assumption.B)HE was the person running around from yard to yard.Do that at night--something bad will happen.
Lesta also had more anti-Trump stories to make it a full program of absolute garbage.If they riot in Sacramento tonight,blame Lesta.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Trump fires McMaster,hires Bolton.
As I noted last Sunday,changes were coming.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The new USA--nigs fighting towelheads.May they both lose the war.