Thursday, March 15, 2018

CNN Transforms Common Criminal and Organized Crime into Heroes, While Engaging in Nazi Imagery



A tip ‘o the hate to Countenance Blogmeister.

“Their mother turned to a church, the one place where she felt she could talk. Someone there told her about an organization out of Los Angeles, called LA Voice. The group was a part of PICO National Network, one of the largest community-based efforts in the country, representing 1 million families in 150 cities and 17 states. The mission of PICO and LA Voice is clear and simple: Help congregations turn faith into action.

The minister who connected them

"I think we can stand on very solid scriptural ground and say no, this is not Christian behavior," says the Rev. Zachary Hoover, executive director of LA Voice, of the escalation of deportations under the Trump administration. "We are asked to love our neighbors as ourselves. Ripping children away from their parents under the pretense of community safety when these are our neighbors and churchgoers? No."

He pauses and then repeats the word, "No."

N.S.: The Rev. Zachary Hoover is an organized crime boss, and LA Voice is a crime organization. The DOJ should put Hoover and his accomplices in prison, under the RICO statutes.]

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Anonymous said...

During the Holocaust era the Nazi killed the Jews. The honest were killed by the bad. Today in America a half dozen to a dozen Americans are killed everyday by an illegal. Still the bad killing the honest. Jewish lady get your head screwed on right.