Wednesday, March 21, 2018

He’s Dead! Austin’s Mad Bomber Blows Himself Up, after Six Bombing Attacks


Mark Anthony Conditt, 23

By A Texas Reader

"Quiet and introverted": What we know about Austin bombings suspect

After KVUE confirmed that Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, is the suspect in the recent explosions in Austin, we are learning more about the Pflugerville man. Here's what we know.



Anonymous said...

Will they accuse him of being racist?Police and media have the ball--what is the scenario they want everyone to believe?
My guess:
"Well,we found some information on his computer,"said the FBI investigator,"that leads us to conclude
that the suspect secretly hated blacks."
Lesta will do 5 minutes on it each day, for a while,until something else catches his white hating fancy.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Zerohedge has this early portrait from Conditt's hometown newspaper.The racist stuff is probably being saved for part 2.
"In a profile of suspected Austin Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt, the Austin American-Statesman spoke with several of the suspected bombers friends, who revealed that Conditt was deeply religious and had railed against homosexuality and abortion in a series of blog posts published when he was 17."
Cue the lib media and pols for telethon-length barbs against Conditt's views.Predictable.
-GR Anonymous