Thursday, March 15, 2018

Black Supremacist “Children” Demand that Law-Abiding Whites be Disarmed

By Nicholas Stix

A couple of hours ago, we were watching Spectrum (formerly Time-Warner Cable) NY1 “news.” News reader Pat Kiernan (a white man!) was going over yesterday’s events in New Yok City, and showed videotape of an astroturf, DPUSA, student walkout against the Second Amendment.

Within a throng of racial socialist demonstrators, a black girl of about 15 held a smallish sign saying,

Mentally Ill

is caucasian

For Terrorist
For about 30 years, I have heard young blacks sneeringly say “caucasian” as an obvious racist epithet, on a par with whites saying negro, negroid, or nigger. But whites are variously unaware or too chicken to call blacks on it. It’s a nice little in-joke, if you’re black.

Again, why is it “racist” for a white to say, nigger?

I was pleasantly surprised to see a videographer shoot the sign, and NY1 to show it.

By the way, my chief of research reported that his school promoted the gun-grabber walkout, by permitting students to lave early, provided they sought to disenfranchise law-abiding whites.

Why do I emphasize, “disenfranchise law-abiding whites”? Because blacks always demand draconian laws, knowing that whites will obey them, while the blacks have no intention of doing so.

This even goes so far as city ordinances banning smoking in public buildings and in New York City’s parks.

Several years ago, the City Council passed such an ordinance. In the summer of 2012 (the last one before Hurricane Sandy obliterated our since rebuilt boardwalk), on two separate occasions I saw black parks workers malingering an smoking on the boardwalk, one female, one male, in each case 10-15 feet away from a sign banning smoking.


Anonymous said...

This Senator Harris from CA is even saying the party line. Teachers armed will be shooting colored children.

Anonymous said...

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--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

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