Friday, March 09, 2018

Murder in Regional SWPL Capital, Austin: Police are Searching for Two Suspects -- Both Black Males in Their 20s

By A Texas Reader

“The first suspect was described as ‘medium build, early 20s, wearing an orange t-shirt, blue jeans, with short afro and a fade on the sides.’ The suspect was described as an ‘older man…”

Man killed in shooting at The Domain ID'd, police release suspect descriptions

“A man was transported to the hospital after suffering a gunshot wound at The Domain on Tuesday, ATCEMS said.”

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Anonymous said...

Highlight of Trump's speech tonight in Pennsylvania:
"Maxine Waters is a low IQ individual."
I might watch AMJoy tomorrow for laughs--just to watch her head explode on air.The racist fumes should be pouring out of her vile mouth--as well as the rest of MSNBC's bunch of zoo animals all day long and throughout the year.
"No doubt this was a racist attack by Trump."
She'll say that and a lot be hilarious.
--GR Anonymous