Monday, March 19, 2018

The Judiciary’s Plan to Destroy America is Almost Complete; What to Do?

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, March 19, 2018 at 1:44:00 A.M. EDT

The lib judiciary system has blocked—and will continue to block any chance for Trump to turn this country around. Judges are a swamp, all unto themselves, that will never be drained. Our three-tiered government was supposed to have checks and balances to prevent a branch of government from being all powerful, but with Congress in no position to pass laws that would override liberal judiciary agenda, Trump can do very little but tweet.

Now we see who has the real power in the USA—the judges, who are becoming more lenient about mores and norms as time passes. All societal changes in our country (which have been overwhelmingly to the detriment of straight white Americans) are instigated by judges—usually SCOTUS.

I've read a history of how SCOTUS has been the aggressive implementer of country destroying court cases, with the goal—total equality of blacks, illegals, criminals, homosexuals and now transgenders—when there can be none, except in Utopia.

To be blind to the behavior of these groups, as judges and Dems want, is to ignore the consequences, because of one fact: There ARE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN VARIOUS GROUPS OF PEOPLE. Theoretically, under the Dem philosophy, you should, as a white person, be able to walk down a ghetto street safely, but we all know that doing so would be suicide.

What they're ultimately saying is WE (whites) have to allow for criminal or deviant behavior of these groups and adjust to THEM. Black and Mex criminals are not punished for crimes, as the police in Austin (and the other cities) report—but whites are instead indirectly punished, by the loss of law enforcement that affects their safety on an everyday basis.

The flushing of the United States down the toilet bowl has almost been completed.

N.S.: The judges in question do not believe in equality. They have been consciously working for years to destroy normal, patriotic whites, and replace them with black supremacists, reconquistas, Moslems, homosexuals, American Indians, etc.

There is a two-pronged solution to this problem:

1. Impeach some evil judges; and
2. Kill some others.

The rest will then presumably come around. And if they don’t? Rinse, lather, repeat.

We’re already in a revolutionary situation, with the rule of law long gone. The question now is, how do we restore the rule of law within some remnant of America, before the frog has been turned into frog soup?

Some readers will ask, “Can’t we do this this without bloodshed?”

That ship has sailed. We can quibble about the date of departure. Brown v. Board of Education, in 1954? The U.S. Civil Rights Act in 1964? The Immigration Act of 1965? The Voting Rights Act that same year? Unconstitutional, court-ordered busing during the 1970s? The unconstitutional, judicial usurpation of Prop. 187 in California in the 1990s?

The problem is not merely judges, but we're just talking here about one piece of the puzzle.

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