Friday, March 23, 2018

Family of Black Career Criminal Stephon Clark, Who Got Himself Killed by Police Has Hired Crooked Race Hoax Lawyer Ben Crump, Who Extorted Millions Out of Whites on Behalf of Racist Parents of Failed, Aspiring Murderers Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown


Stephon Clark, devoted family man. What's the matter? They couldn't find any pictures of the perp in diapers? The felon’s greedy, racist “family” has the Lügenpresse; the local, black supremacist, riot preacher; racist, hoax shyster Benjamin Crump and bloody Al Sharpton behind them.

By Reader-Researcher R.C.

Family of south Sacramento man killed by police hires Trayvon Martin's family's lawyer

Thursday morning in Sacramento brought chaos and questions for the family of Stephon Clark and the Meadowview community where the young man was shot by police on Sunday night. National media arrived in the south Sacramento neighborhood to speak with Clark's fiancee, Salena Manni, and his brother Stevante inside a neighborhood church whose pastor, Les Simmons, has been an outspoken advocate for police reforms.

N.S.: The vandal was worthless while alive but dead, he’s a goldmine.


Anonymous said...

To be honest when I see the body cam footage I can tell almost nothing. That seems to be the case in almost all of these notorious cases.

phillyguy said...

All the communist news networks are going all out with the story, all the while one of the cops
Doing shooting of the criminal was black,but hardly a memtion of the Muslim trying to blow up an air force base in California today.

Anonymous said...

Phillyguy--bullseye!!!Reports tonight of protests in Sacramento.Keep the guy in his own yard(and not effing with people's cars) and he wouldn't have gotten shot.
I b a r e l y heard about the Muslim incident--think it was FOX that finally showed it.The other networks must have thought his plot was a fine idea--not worth mentioning.
Meanwhile Lesta was on MSNBC today promoting his MLK special "coming up Sunday on NBC".He sounded as racist as Farrahkan in some of his answers to the interviewers softball questions.The guy should not be an anchor anymore.The agenda agaInst whites consumes him,it's obvious to any objective person.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Career criminal, no momma, lived with his granny, had 2 chirrens the oldest looks like he is 5 making him 16 when he impregnated his skank baby momma

Concerned Citizen said...

I get it, the police were scared, they thought it was gun. But, if he was a murderer or if he was a patron saint, he didn't deserve to die.

Just think, 911 gets a call about a suspicious black person peeking in cars in a neighborhood. If its a predominately black neighborhood, it doesn't make sense to shoot a person without getting a bit more info. He could have been the person who called for help!

Its not that it wasn't an accident or that the officers weren't genuinely concerned or afraid for their lives. Its that the way, the policies, that they respond put people at risk for dying far to often.

There has to be a way for the police to investigate or respond without the shoot first mentality.