Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What is a Liberal?

By Nicholas Stix

“Liberals are people who embrace their destroyers.”

Malcolm Bradbury, in Stepping Westward, cited in P.T. Bauer, Equality, the Third World, and Economic Delusion, 1981, p. 191.


Anonymous said...

Kind of like a definition of obscenity set forth by Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart,"I know it when I see it."
What is a liberal?He might've said,
"I know one when I see one."
--GR Anonymous

Realist said...

“Liberals are people who embrace their destroyers.”

Same as with many Republicans.

Nicholas said...


Absolutely! One of the biggest lessons Larry Auster taught me is that most people who call themselves "Republicans" (and/or "conservatives") today are actually liberals, because they have submitted to liberal spiritual control.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
As someone who doesn't like political labels and who often find himself at odds with people at both ends of the spectrum (anybody who reads my comments know that many of my opinions are not always in alignment with conservatism) I consider liberals to be people who have wrapped themselves up in layers of self righteous rationalizations that keep them numbed to real world realities. It's incredibly easy to demolish their arguments which causes them to quickly default to name calling, threats and slogans exactly what they accuse conservatives of doing.

Anonymous said...

Riot inflamer Al Sharpton was on my TV today at the dinner hour,trying to raise
the Sacramento blacks level of hysteria another notch or two.WOODTV (my local outlet)made it front and center news as 350lb black anchor,Leon Hendrix mused,"Al Sharpton spoke out today,against another unarmed black male being killed by police."
Then to NBC News for the report,which showed Sharpton at Clarks funeral.
Sharpton: "Mr.Trump's press secretary said today,'this murder was a local matter.'"
"Let me tell you,unarmed black men are getting killed from coast to coast!!!"
To which I say--all are getting killed while in the commission of a crime or escaping from one.These blacks thugs are totally responsible for their deaths.Many ARE found to have weapons or are just plain resisting arrest.
Stop the robbing,raping,vandalizing,drug dealing and murdering--you might just avoid contact with the men in blue.
Sharpton thinks they should have a red carpet rolled out and two white models escort them to the nearest police vehicle--no matter what they're trying to do to escape.
--I'm sure Lesta will have more at 630pm.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

What is a liberal? Liber is a Latin word meaning free and once upon a time liberals were rather like today's libertarians--they wanted less government and more individual freedom. But statists took over the word--people who wanted more government power to force individuals to do what they wanted--the opposite of the original liberals who wanted freedom from government interference in their lives. If that is too complicated, to understand what a liberal is, just think of the last time you walked through a grassy area and suddenly there was something you needed to scrape off your shoe...