Friday, March 09, 2018

Why are We Letting the Racist Left Call the Shots, and Referring to Outlaw Cities as “Sanctuary Cities”?

By Nicholas Stix

Immigration reformer Paul Nachman has some other suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Why you ask!!! Simple. YT has become terrified of being called the dreaded "R" (waycist, err, I meant Racist) word. Not by the darlings of diversity but by the ones sporting the same skin tone as themselves, with predominantly white females leading the charge...

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Why are illegal called immigrants "dreamers"? It was originally supposed to be applied to immigrants brought over as kids by their parents but it now often appears as a descriptor for any immigrant. This is how the mind of the public is manipulated, through language that conveys a kinder and gentler image. I think we like to assume it's some "progressive/SJW groups that come up with these words but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't come out of government or corporate think tanks.

Guarantee every MS-13 gang member claims to be a "dreamer" when he's caught, they know how to play liberals...though I guess it's not necessarily an inaccurate description, they undoubtedly spend a lot of time dreaming about how much murder, torture, rape and drug dealing they can get away with in the US.

Good article on Breitbart about just how many of these so called "dreamers" are actually MS-13:

Anonymous said...

Yes we are allowing it. Stop caring about being called racist. When you get all of these psychopaths out of the USA
there will be none of them left to be calling whites names and abusing them.
Have to do it NOW