Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Another School Shooting, This Time in Great Mills, Maryland, but This Time with a Completely Different Ending: No Vics Dead, but the Perp is Very Dead! Initial Report and Multiple, Running Updates

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 10:32:00 A.M. EDT

So much for "No more shootings..."

GREAT MILLS, Md. (AP) — A shooting at a Maryland high school caused injuries Tuesday morning, and the campus was on lockdown as deputies and federal agents converged on the crime scene.

St. Mary’s Couty [sic] Sheriff spokeswoman Cpl. Julie Yingling says there have been injuries, but she didn’t know how many or the severity. She said she had “no information” about potential fatalities.

The St. Mary’s County Public Schools said situation was “contained” after the shooting at Great Mills High School, which has about 1,600 students and is near the Patuxent River Naval Air Station, about 65 miles (104 kilometers) southeast of Washington.

The county sheriff said deputies are on the scene, and told parents or guardians to stay away, urging them to go instead to Leonardtown High School to reunite with Great Mills students there. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tweeted that its agents are going to the scene.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and Rep. Steny Hoyer tweeted that they’re monitoring reports and urged people to follow the instructions of local law enforcement at the scene.

This is a developing story.

There has been a Shooting at Great Mills High School. The school is on lock down the event is contained, the Sheriff's office is on the scene additional information to follow.

Parents/Guardians should go to Leonardtown HS for reunification with GMHS students

— SMCPS_MD (@SMCPS_MD) March 20, 2018

Update I: Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 10:50:00 A.M. EDT
By Grand Rapids Anonymous

UPDATE A student pulled a gun out and shot two other students at a high school in southeast Maryland Tuesday morning before the shooter was wounded, the St. Mary’s County sheriff said.

The gunman entered Great Mills High School in Great Mills, Maryland, at the beginning of the school day and shot a female student in a hallway, Sheriff Tim Cameron said live on News4. A male student also was hit by a bullet.

Information was not available immediately on the relationship between the students, Cameron said.

The shooter exchanged fire with a school resource officer, trained, armed deputy sheriff, Cameron said. The shooter was wounded; the officer was not.

All three students are in critical condition.

The school was locked down and the incident contained, according to the school's website.

Deputies were called to the school just before 8 a.m. The school is located about 60 miles southeast of Washington, D.C.

Cameron told News4 that his department prepares for this type of event, but he noted that despite the quick response of the school resource officer, or SRO, two students were still shot.

"You train to respond to this and you hope that you never ever have to," he said. "This is the realization of your worst nightmare — that, in a school, that our children could be attacked. And so as quickly … as that SRO responded and engaged, there’s grievous injuries to two students."

He added, "Now begins the second phase of this operation, and that’s the background and the investigation and the attempt for the school to return to normal."

A Twitter post from the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office asked parents not to report to the school. They are asked to go to a high school in nearby Leonardtown to reunite with their children.

Agents of the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were traveling to the school to assist with the investigation.

Update II: Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 3:18:00 P.M. EDT

Maryland school shooter killed
(Wall St. Journal) GREAT MILLS, Md.—A shooting at a Maryland high school Tuesday left the student shooter dead and two others injured, just over a month after a Florida school shooting sparked national demonstrations over school safety.

Update III: Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 5:24:00 P.M. EDT

“Looks” like a predominantly black school, judging from the interviews on my local news. What will Lesta do? Downplay it? Depends if it’s whitey, or not.

(Assuming Great Schools has the correct numbers, the student demographics are 43% white, 35% black, 9% Hispanic, 7% mixed race and 5% Asian. The problem with deducing demographics from “news” interviews” is that media operatives deliberately interview a disproportionate number of blacks. That’s one of the reasons why opinion survey respondents routinely say that America is 33% black, when in fact it is 13.3% black.)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct--the blacks give off a lot more hysteria,that the networks love to broadcast.This appears to be a white boy with a possible romance gone wrong the early theory.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
If it's a black shooter the police may speculate it's "gang related", which is different than "normal" mass shootings, at least according to diversity ideology. Once the gang tag is applied it is simply disappeared as a mass shooting. We've had several several black shooters (as well as other shootings that weren't school related) in my city over the years, every time the cops put out the "suspected gang shooting" party line and it was quickly disappeared, there was local coverage only, never got to national news. They've never explained why it's impossible for a negro gangster to also be a disaffected youth who decides to kill people for no reason we can understand. However, with the current hysteria about school shootings I think the national media outlets will give any shooting major coverage pretty quickly, so the police and local media might not be able to cover negro shooters up quite as easily as they have in the past. Not that the national media outlets can't play the cover up black crime game also, they'll still downplay black shooters after the initial hysteria. Especially if the "negro gangster" card gets played, it can still be effective in getting the story on the backburner until they can find a white shooter to divert attention to.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Also possible the reporters have enough inside info to deduce the shooter was white, then they go out and interview mostly black students to give the impression a white kids was shooting up a black school. No doubt in my mind they can be that devious when it comes to playing mind games about race.