Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Department of Justice Enters into Conditional Settlement Agreement to Produce Fast and Furious Documents to House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

By “W”

At OPA | Department of Justice [Press Release].

Conditional on what?

N.S.: Criminal General Eric Holder publicly fantasized the other day about “indicting President Trump for ‘obstruction.’”

As I pointed out, it is legally impossible to indict a sitting president for obstruction of justice. However, there is no legal obstacle in the way of indicting a former president and his criminal general for obstruction of justice, conspiracy, you name it.

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Anonymous said...

Could you imagine the uproar on CNN if the DoJ arrested either Holder,Clinton or Obama?
A side note...who are we supposed to believe?ABC's ad for their David Muir led newscast brags,"We're the #1 rated news show."
Turn to Lesta's NNN and NBC claims to be "the #1 rated news show."
Someone is lying.
--GR Anonymous