Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Ann Coulter Interview on the End of America—Courtesy of Donald J. Trump

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Ann Coulter Slams Trump for Signing the Omnibus


Ann Coulter on The Tom Shillue Show (3/23/2018) - 10 Insightful Books to Help You Understand What President Trump Is Actually up Against: 


Anonymous said...

Hard evidence double entendres.
Two of them.
I heard Chris Matthews hilariously say something similar to what one of the women on CNN's "post Stormy Daniels audience participation show",answer to this question:
CNN:"After this interview,do you believe Stormy Daniels had sex with Donald Trump?
Unnamed woman:"I'd have to see some HARD evidence."
Where's Groucho when you need him?
Groucho:"I'll show you some hard evidence.By the way,you just said the secret woid."
A couple weeks ago,Matthews was interviewing someone on MSNBC about Trump and the dossier.
Matthews:"On the sex dossier,I understand you have something hard for me?"
Reporter: "Yes,uhh..."(you could see the guy thinking,"I wish he wouldn't have put it that way.")
(Clip discontinued)
Hannity has been playing these clips without unleashing one laugh.I don't see how he does it.In my opinion,it'd be very HAR...uh difficult not to.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...
Don't want to lose those electoral votes--that would happen if the census was based on "legal"citizenship.