Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Left Turns Yet Another Rich American City into a Third World Cesspool! Breaking: SXSW Turns Austin into Drug & Prostitution-Filled Sh*thole



By A Texas Reader
Sun, Mar 18, 2018 4:36 p.m.

BREAKING: SXSW Turns Austin Into Drug & Prostitution-Filled Sh*thole
Politically correct "liberal judges" and "prosecutors" tell police to stand down

I attended SXSW about a decade ago.

The crowd was almost exclusively white, and the sole entertainment was music related.

Now the SXSW is a Third World lovefest with predictable results.

SXSW 2018 Schedule

"How should tech and politics mix? Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, will focus his keynote speech on one of the biggest challenges today facing Britain, America and ..."

Like folks relieving themselves in the streets.



Anonymous said...

The lib judiciary system has blocked --and will continue to block any chance for Trump to turn this country around.Judges are a swamp,all unto themselves,that will never be drained.Our three tiered government was supposed to have checks and balances to prevent a branch of government from being all powerful,but with Congress in no position to pass laws that would override liberal judiciary agenda,Trump can do very little but tweet.
Now we see who has the real power in the USA--the judges,who are becoming more lenient about mores and norms as time passes.All societal changes in our country (which have been overwhelmingly to the detriment of straight white Americans)are instigated by judges--usually SCOTUS.
I've read a history of how SCOTUS has been the aggressive implementer of country destroying court cases,with the goal--total equality of blacks,illegals,criminals,homosexuals and now transgenders--when there can be none,except in Utopia.
To be blind to the behavior of these groups,as judges and Dems want,is to ignore the consequences,because of one fact:There ARE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN VARIOUS GROUPS OF PEOPLE.Theoretically,under the Dem philosophy,you should,as a white person,be able to walk down a ghetto street safely,but we all know that doing so would be suicide.
What they're ultimately saying is WE (whites)have to allow for criminal or deviant behavior of these groups and adjust to THEM.Black and Mex criminals are not punished for crimes,as the police in Austin(and the other cities) report--but whites are instead indirectly punished,by the loss of law enforcement that affects their safety on an every day basis.
The flushing of the United States down the toilet bowl has almost been completed.
---GR Anonymous

jeigheff said...

My wife and I live in Austin (as some of you know.) We didn't go anywhere near SXSW's venues. I think most of them are/were downtown.

I admit that yesterday's fourth bomb attack (March 18) is unsettling. The public was eventually told that the victims of the previous three bomb attacks were black. As far as I know, law enforcement is mum about the identities of the latest victims.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I despise Barbra Streisand's politics, she's one of those that jumps on every hip PC issue that comes down the pike, especially gay issues, despite the fact her gay son is dying from aids. But in a moment of lucidity and honesty she refuses to take the bait and jump on the "MeToo" bandwagon:
When asked by the interviewer if she has a "MeToo" story, she states "never", but then jokes that her nose kept predators at bay. Clearly she's not serious there, she knows while she was not a classic beauty she was still attractive and alluring in her own way.

The two factors that women posses that drive men to want to have sex with them are "youth" and "a sexy body", a woman with those two things can skate with a bit of a butter face and without a doubt as a young fresh faced actress/singer moving up in Hollywood, Barbra had those two most important qualities at least. Plenty of men back in the day would have wanted to do her and I have no doubt innocuous things happened that she could have spun into some lurid sounding anecdote in order to be "down with the MeToo" movement, but to her credit, doesn't do it.

For those who actually believe it was her "looks" just take a look at some of the women claiming to have been harassed, they are not all classic beauties either and in a few cases not attractive at all.
My opinion of Barbra's politics was about a 0 on a scale of 1 to 10 but after this interview I'll elevate her to about a 2, that is until she starts campaigning for Oprah for President, which she undoubtedly will, then she'll probably go to a negative number.

LBD said...

I don’t see anyone in the picture relieving himself. Where? What am I missing?

Nicholas said...


What's the title of that book?

Nicholas said...


You're right; I didn't see anything like that, either, and I looked really hard. But I don't doubt it's going on. That sort of thing has become SOP in America's cities, due to the combination of diversity, and more and more businesses refusing to let people use their bathrooms, even when they are customers, and the law requires it. (Of course, that development also owes much to diversity. For generations, young black men have made a sport of destroying businesses' toilets.)

LBD said...

NS: Hey, I live just outside San Francisco. No need to edumacate me on this subject....

LBD said...

NS: Is this what they mean when they say that politics is “downstream” from culture?