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Media Matters Lies about the Central Park Five, in Order to Rationalize Violating Legal Gun Owners’ Due Process Rights


The racist monsters promoted by their supporters as "the Central Park Five": Korey/Kharey Wise, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana and Yusef Salaam

By Nicholas Stix
Expanded on Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 1:15 a.m.

“NRA said they want to protect due process and doesn't want Trump to take away guns too early. But They were nowhere to be found when we wanted due process for Central Park Five”
“7:30 PM - Feb 28, 2018”

Thomas Bishop
Associate Research Director at MMfA, Army Reserve Officer, Afghanistan Veteran.
Washington, D.C.
Joined July 2012
610 Photos and videos

“But [the NRA] were nowhere to be found when we wanted due process for Central Park Five.”

I’m not sure how many lies that counts as. The statement implies that the “Central Park Five” had their due process rights violated, and that some group of people (“we”) to whom Thomas Bishop belonged, had called for said rights to be respected.

Nobody’s due process rights were violated, no group of people (“we”) had called for said rights to be respected, and Thomas Bishop (who was probably a child at the time) had nothing to do with any of the fantastic doings to which he alluded. That makes three lies packed into a 16-word sentence.

The “Central Park Five” was a group of as many as 14 blacks and Hispanics who beat “the Central Park Jogger,” Trisha Meili, almost to death, sexually abused her, and in one case, raped her. Only the names of six are known: Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana, Korey/Kharey Wise and Matias Reyes.

Meili lost 70 or 75 percent of her blood, was in a coma for two weeks, and was expected by nobody, including her doctors, to survive.

The first five above-listed of Meili’s attackers did hard time for their abominable crimes. Matias Reyes did not.

The “Central Park Five” confessed to NYPD detectives, to relatives, to relatives’ friends, later to parole boards and, before they had been charged, even stopped acquaintances on the street, to brag of what they’d done.

When the four confessed attackers and one admitted attacker went on trial, in split trials in 1990, Manhattan prosecutors admitted freely that they did not have all of the attackers, and in particular that they had semen evidence from someone who was not in the dock. That turned out to be Matias Reyes.

As legendary prosecutor, defense attorney, true crime and crime fiction writer, Robert K. Tanenbaum, wrote about the Central Park Jogger’s attackers:
Lest anyone doubt the assailants’ character and cruelty on that night in Central Park, pay particular attention to Det. [Thomas] McKenna’s memo book entry of statements made to him by the defendant Yusef Salaam:

“Hit her with pipe/she went down and hit her again/. . . Kevin [Richardson] f—-d her. . . To me it was something to do.

“It was fun.”
Thanks to New York’s Lügenpresse, monstrously corrupt, Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau, and communist Mayor Bill deBlasio, the racist, guilty-as-hell five criminals whose supporters called the “Central Park Five” not only got their convictions vacated (but were never “exonerated,” despite their lies to the contrary), but received a windfall of booty: $41 million from white and Asian New York City taxpayers. And they are presently seeking another $52 million from the state of New York.

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

I wrote many reports on this atrocity. The two most important ones were for VDARE’s Peter Brimelow:

“‘It was Fun’—Robert K. Tanenbaum vs. The Central Park Five, 25 Years Later”; and

“Ken Burns’ THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE: The New TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD—Fiction Designed to Induce White Guilt.”

To get back to our point of departure, Media Matters’ “Associate Research Director,” Thomas Bishop made a lie-filled statement about the Central Park Jogger case, in order to rationalize violating legal gun-owners’ rights to due process. (Note that Bishop agrees with President Trump, on violating said rights. I wonder how he feels about that.)

That’s always the way with the racist Left. Lies, on top of lies, on top of lies, all in the service of evil.

Maybe we'd better stick with respecting legal gun-owners’ due process rights.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
If you do a search online about the Central Park 5 you get headline after headline about "falsely accused black men", then checkout Youtube videos, there's video after video and comments fields filled with endless moaning about racial injustice. Of course even a surface skimming of the facts reveals the Central Park 5 was never proven to be innocent but the media loves nothing better than "falsely accused black men" headlines so that became what the case was about...facts be damned.
All the dna testing revealed was a new suspect, Matias Reyes, was the only one to leave dna in Tricia Meili, it didn't mean they Central Park 5 didn't help beat her nearly to death or assist in the sexual assault, it's not uncommon for only 1 or 2 participants in a gang rape to actually commit penetrative rape. Members of the gang actually stated "The Peurto Rican kid did it", though they also admitted helping beat her and that at least one of them raped Ms. Meili also, though he probably didn't ejaculate, something also not uncommon for rapists (the media ignores that it was the dawn of dna testing and touch dna was not available then).
Police now realize what really happened involved the gang of rampaging black and hispanics, Reyes either attached himself to the group at some point and they attacked Ms. Meili or they came upon him while he was assaulting Ms. Meili and "helped a latino brotha out". Reyes slipped the net after the attack but so did others in the group, it wasn't just a dozen of them, police believe there were around 30 or more in the group, they scattered afterwards but police were able to catch enough of them to identify the main participants in the attack on Ms. Meili. Now the Central Park 5 spends all their time giving speeches around the country and spending the money they got from the lawsuit. That's their reward for sexually assaulting and attempting to murder a white woman. Only in America (the liberal PC part anyways).

Anonymous said...

Sickening. May the truth one day be revealed about all of them.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The truth is out there, Ann Coulter among others have printed the actual facts. Problem is the mainstream media won't give it the headlines needed to pound the truth into the politically correct closed minds in this country.

David In TN said...

A month ago, Linda Fairstein had an award from the Mystery Writers of America taken away. Why?

According ( to Leonard Levitt:

"Her role three decades ago as the sex crimes supervisor in the Manhattan DA's office, which amid the 1980s racial furies in NYC wrongly convicted five black and Hispanic teens of the rape of a 28-year old white woman who became known as the Central Park Jogger."

Levitt acknowledges, "Years later, I watched the confessions, which were chillingly believable and frighteningly convincing." And "Enter filmmaker Ken Burns, who presented the five as Little Lord Fauntleroys, gliding over his narrator's point that even if they did not rape the jogger, they were hardly innocents."

This ( article in the City Journal by Jeffrey A. Kroessler says Fairstein is being "Defamed for Being Right."