Thursday, February 01, 2018

Media Evil: Law & Order SVU Episode Depicts Ann Coulter-Like Character Getting Violently Raped… by Antifa… or a White Supremacist Trump Supporter?



[For the Law & Order method, see:

“NBC’s Law & Order: Anti-White Propaganda in the Culture War.”]

By A Friend of the WEJB/NSU Family

Law & Order SVU — a cheap imitation of Ann Coulter gets raped at an “Alt Right” rally at a Hudson University – Antifa accused, etc.

At Breitbart.

At The Daily Wire.



At News Busters.

At Pop Culture.

N.S. This script was clearly the wet dream of whoever pounded it out in a fever.




Glaivester said...

I'd like to see an episode where a white nationalist lawyer defends a Muslim who blew up a church - because the church had been hiding an illegal alien who later raped and killed the Muslim's daughter.

Anonymous said...

The perp was a whitey guy who is a billionaire and has an IQ above 150. Watch out for them.