Sunday, February 11, 2018

FBI Officials Investigating the Kidnappings of Several Undocumented Immigrants in the Laredo Area Say Brittany Pena, 22, May Have Information about Them

By A Texas Reader

At The San Antonio Express-News.

Mexico comes to the U.S.



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
With the recent injury to Kristan Porzingis in the NBA I couldn't help but notice that the 3 top white players in the NBA are all out with serious injuries, in the cases of Hayward and Porzingis, career threatening. Coincidence or something more sinister? As we know here, the Gordon Hayward injury was a deliberate hit by a racist tag team of Lebron James and Jae Crowder, but Kevin Love's hand injury and Portzingis ACL tear seemed to be more the results of incidental contact. Or are they?
Here is Kevin Love's hand injury play: Note it is another tag team play, Love receives an entry pass over the top, the black player behind him pushes him off balance with a hip check (shades of the Gordon Hayward cheap shot) into the other black defender, who hacks at Love's arms and hands like he's chopping wood and not even pretending to "steal" the ball. Theoretically, a ref should be calling a foul when there's any kind of contact to the arms, I can see them missing some of that contact around the basket when somebody's trying to slap the ball away but this kind of blatant hacking at somebody's arms and hands shouldn't be ignored.
The Porzingis injury was the result of a black defender flying in from behind as Porzingis was going for a dunk, there was some contact with the body and then Porzingis stepped on the defender's foot, causing him to fall awkwardly and tear his ACL. Here is the play:
I can't see where he steps on the defenders foot, that just what has been stated in the news reports. This play seems to be the most innocuous and looks incidental on the surface but the line between a play that can cause an injury can be a very fine one in the NBA. A little extra nudge when someone is in the air, a little more bad intent put into elbow and knee contact can end a season.

Anybody remember the controversy about referees calling more fouls on black players than white ones?
The assumption was that refs "must" be racially biased, but nowhere did any of the PC talking sock puppets suggest that black players might actually foul more, especially when facing white players. The article I sent is a study that suggests the racial “bias” has been eliminated but I suspect the refs are simply ignoring fouls by black players, thereby allowing them more leeway to be physical and dirty with white players, causing more injuries. I've played plenty of basketball in my life, often against black players and I can tell you right now they do foul more, especially when playing white players with athleticism that have the potential to embarrass them.

Anonymous said...

I heard the rumor that there's 50 states in the US.I count only 48 1/2 at the current time--California and half of Texas is gone.Arizona iffy and may be downgraded as lost territory also.History books need to be updated--rapido!!!
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Exactly so. Mex comes to America. Kidnapping as a crime in the U.S. used to be very rare. The change of money from one hand to another puts the bad guy at risk. The Mex just obeys the kidnapper. That is how we do it in the old country.

Anonymous said...

Illegals taken hostage by the criminal gangs that smuggle them. You the victim must telephone the famblee and have them send money or you end up in the desert with a .38 Super round in the back of the head.