Monday, February 12, 2018

Another Black, Female Mathematical and Scientific Genius You’ve Never Heard of!

By “W”

One hoax piggybacks on another. Last year, it was the “Hidden Figures” Hoax, whereby the brilliant white men mathematicians who had done the calculations that led to NASA putting men on the moon were replaced by black women who used slide rules, and a movie with fake white racism, to go with the fake black geniuses. The “Hidden Figures” Hoax has begotten a black female genius, who invented the GPS:

“You may not know Gladys West, but her calculations revolutionized navigation.”

An earlier article claimed, “The process that led to GPS is too scientific for a newspaper story…”

I’ll just bet.

At Upworthy, which most definitely is not.


Anonymous said...

Strange that Africans in America in their homelands never had a written language, never built a boat, never used a wheel etc until Whites came to Africa and attempted to civilize the place. Now all at once black femmels are math geniuses.l

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Ryan Bounds is a 44 yr. old Republican nominee for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit from Oregon. In his college days he wrote some material now deemed to be "racist" by the thought police. He is under attack and my guess is he won't get the position, despite the fact that he has caved is now being contrite and apologetic. This is an example of how non PC discordant thinking is being scrubbed out of politics through intimidation and fear:

Here is a sample of his writings:

“During my years in our Multicultural
Garden of Eden, I have often
marveled at the odd strategies that
some of the more strident racial
factions of the student body employ
in their attempts to ‘heighten
consciousness,’ ‘build tolerance,’
‘promote diversity,’ and otherwise
convince us to partake of that fruit
which promises to open our eyes to a
PC version of the knowledge of good
and evil. I am mystified because
these tactics seem always to
contribute more to restricting
consciousness, aggravating
intolerance, and pigeonholing
cultural identities than many a Nazi

Another sample. Again, he is absolutely correct:

“Whenever a group of white males
happens to be at the same place at
the same time, you can be sure that
the foul stench of oppression and
exploitation lingers in the air. In
contrast, ethnic centers, whose sole
purpose is to bring together exclusive
cliques of students to revel in racial
purity, are so righteous that the mere
mention of cutting budgets incites
turmoil on the grandest scale.”
> “The opponent is the white male and
his coterie of meanspirited lackeys:
‘oreos,’ ‘twinkies,’ ‘coconuts,’ and the
like . . . He enjoys making money and
buying material things, just to make
sure people with darker skin don’t
have access to them. He enjoys
killing children and revels in the
death of minorities (if you are white,
male, and pro-choice, for instance, it
is often ascribed to your desire for
poor black and Hispanic women to
abort their children as frequently as

Nothing racist there, just uncomfortable truth which is not tolerated in our thought controlled society. Now that he is under attack and disavowing the "tone deaf comments from his youth", I suspect he will be rendered impotent as an opponent to diversity ideology even if appointed to office. Too bad he doesn't have the balls to stick his guns, otherwise he'd have my support.

Excerpt from article:

Bounds, 44, said that the disadvantage of being nominated was "having the ill-considered, tone-deaf, and mortifyingly insensitive pronouncements of one's youth unearthed and scrutinized.''

He apologized in the email for his "misguided sentiments.''

He said he wanted to assure the committee "the objectionable words and views recited from three or four of my college op-eds do not reflect the views I have hewn to as a lawyer, and frankly, as a grown-up.''

No, Mr. Bounds, you were being grown up when you wrote those things. Now you're being a coward.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
From the "Upworthy" article: West was one of only four black employees at the Naval Proving Ground in 1956.
I wonder how many total people were involved in development of GPS? I'm going to guess it's in the 1,000's when you consider the foundation sciences of mathematics and electronic gadgetry that goes into a GPS. I'm also going to guess that 99.9% of them were white and Asian. So let's take that 00.01% of put them front and center because they are black, that's PC history for you. Here is an article about the inventors of GPS that gives us a better understanding than the simplistic and deceptive PC version:

Anonymous said...

Detroit standoff ends violently.
James David Dickson, and Candice Williams | The Detroit News
Updated 2 hours ago
Detroit — A barricaded gunman standoff that began Sunday night and lasted through Monday morning ended with four people, including the suspect, dead and three Detroit police officers plus another man wounded.

The suspect, Lance Smith, 49, was found dead late Monday morning inside a home in the 19400 block of Lamont, said Detroit Deputy Police Chief Elvin Barren. He died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said, and had killed his girlfriend, who was also found inside the house.

Assistant chief Arnold Williams said the 911 call about shots fired came in at 10:27 Sunday night. By 10:34 p.m., police had responded and were already under fire, during which a 38-year-old officer was injured.

Two other women were fatally shot, Williams said. The women were 55 and 62 years old, said Dave Fornell, deputy commissioner of the Detroit Fire Department. One had been in an argument with the suspect, and the other had stopped by the house. A man, 54, was also shot but survived.


Three police officers were shot during the standoff, all in the leg, said Detroit Police Chief James Craig in a briefing near the scene. One is an off-duty Detroit Public Schools police officer and two work for the Detroit Police Department. The off-duty school police officer is related to the two women who were killed, Craig said.

The injuries are considered "minor," Craig said. One officer has already been released from medical care, the second is expected to be released later today, and the third could be released Tuesday.

Smith had “no history of contact with police” before Sunday night. Craig said that despite reports from Smith’s family that he suffers from mental illness, “no documentation” to that effect has been found.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Dumbest comment on Negro Nightly News:
Reporter Kristen Welker,asking Trump in a stupid sounding voice,"Mr.President,do you have a vetting problem?"
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Everything ever invented was a product of the Nubian people who settled in Egypt. The white Greek homo boys just stole the whole lot from them. Don't you know this?? Al Sharpton will tell you so. We wuz Kangz.

Nicholas said...

Jerry PDX, Monday, February 12, 2018 at 12:27:00 PM EST

"No, Mr. Bounds, you were being grown up when you wrote those things. Now you're being a coward."

Exactly, Jerry. If he had stood his ground, I would support him, and he would have had a chance at confirmation. But because (not in spite of) his caving in, he has no chance, and it's just as well. As you rightly observed, he has neutered himself.

Anonymous said...

When the Africans n America come for us Whites, and they will eventually, we will do just as we do now, but then at least we will die swiftly alone instead of like now, by degrees.