Saturday, February 10, 2018

Racist Teacher Wins Teaching Award, and is Celebrated by Racist Website


Racist activist and child abuser, Emily E. Smith

By “W”

A boy told his teacher

she can't understand

him because she's

white. Her response

is on point.

By Wagatwe Wanjuki
December 7, 2015

“Be the teacher America's children of color deserve, because we, the teachers, are responsible for instilling empathy and understanding in the hearts of all kids. We are responsible for the future of this country.”…

[N.S.: If the teacher had not been a racist, and had had any self-respect, she would have told her racist student that he was out of line, instead of encouraging his racism.

What sort of teacher do America’s white children deserve?

Teachers are not responsible for instilling empathy and understanding in children’s hearts. Or for America’s future. That is parents’ job. Perhaps Emily E. Smith is unwittingly admitting that black and Hispanic parents cannot be trusted to do their job.]

But in her acceptance speech for her award, she made it clear that it took a turning point in her career before she really got it:
"Things changed for me the day when, during a classroom discussion, one of my kids bluntly told me I "couldn't understand because I was a white lady." I had to agree with him. I sat there and tried to speak openly about how I could never fully understand and went home and cried, because my children knew about white privilege before I did. The closest I could ever come was empathy."
Smith knew that just acknowledging her white privilege wasn't enough.

[Smith’s students knew nothing about “white privilege,” because it doesn’t exist. What they knew and expressed was their own racism.]

She wanted to move beyond just empathy and find a way to take some real action that would make a difference for her students.

[Since she was and remains a racist, she never reached empathy, in the first place. How then could she possibly move “beyond” it?]

She kept the same innovative and engaging teaching methods, but she totally revamped her curriculum to include works by people who looked like her students. She also carved out more time to discuss issues that her students were facing, such as xenophobia and racism.

And that effort? Absolutely worth it….

At Upworthy.

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He couldn't understand because of a language problem? "We wuz Kangz!" That sorta thing. It is not clear. And a negro teacher would be that much better? Don't bet it.