Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Black “Educator” Complains about Attempts ot Improve Camden Public Schools


Keith Benson is the president of the Camden Education Association (i.e., he's a union hack)

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat

Renaissance schools don't make Camden public schools ...

As a Camden resident, educator, and parent of a child who has attended Camden public schools since pre-kindergarten — she’s in ninth grade now — I know public ...

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countenance said...

Can you blame him, though? The only problem I have with his editorial is that he's obvioulsy hiding self-interest behind incoherent bumblepuppy. All he needed to write is that teachers are unfairly being blamed for the academic failures of their students. Of course, we're not allowed to think about that, because we're instructed to think of all students as precisely equal blank slates. That's why he has to disguise self-interest inside of incoherent bumblepuppy.