Friday, February 23, 2018

Joe Scarborough to President Trump on Gutting the Second Amendment: Resistance is Futile

By Nicholas Stix

This morning, Scarborough and his mistress, Mika Brzezinski were doing their usual shtick, viciously attacking President Trump on… whatever.

This morning, “whatever” meant the DPUSA gun control narrative, following the Parkland High School mass murder. Scarborough announced to the President, “Anytime you attack them, all you do is make these young Americans stronger.”

There were three problems with their attacks on Trump:

• Trump hadn’t attacked the students (though I wish he would!), so Scarborough’s argument was a straw man;

• What’s wrong with Trump attacking them? If resistance is futile, they’ll just win, anyway. But of course, resistance isn’t futile. That’s just rhetorical bluster from Joe Scarborough, to try and win an argument that he can only win through cheating; and

• The “students” are wrong on the law, and wrong on morality!

We already have laws on the books to keep guns out of crazy people’s hands, and we already have waiting periods to purchase guns.

Scarborough’s cheap rhetorical tricks were typical of the racial socialist Left: Any attempt to assert non-leftist prerogatives is doomed to lose, and to make the racial socialists stronger. E.g., Arresting criminals is an act of aggressive racial profiling, and just makes them madder.

Meanwhile, Brzezinski asserted that “nothing Trump does will be enough.”

In other words, they weren’t even trying to hide their hatred of the President, and their criticisms were all pretexts, with which to vent said hatred.

They also used teachers and students from Parkland, and one of their own Dembot “reporters.”

A Parkland teacher named Alicia Bond asserted to a reporter on the issue of possibly training teachers to protect the school that “No matter how much you train a civilian, the self-preservation sense may take over.”

Bond makes the requisite training sound mysterious and inadequate, no matter how there is of it.

You’d never know, to hear her, that armed civilians come to the aid of policemen all the time.

And how would cops overcome their own self-preservation instinct?

Meanwhile, another hysterical Parkland student demanded that cowardly deputy Scott Peterson, who deserted his post at the school, “should be in jail.”

The MSNBC crew also interviewed a Parkland teacher, who said, “The question is, do I shoot a student?”

Well, if the student is murdering people, you’re darned tootin,’ you shoot him!

Why would it matter, if the shooter was a student? And what kind of people are working in America’s schools? Democrat imbeciles, apparently—just like in the media.


Anonymous said...

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"We already have laws on the books to keep hands out of crazy people’s hands, and we already have waiting periods to purchase guns"

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Nicholas said...

Thanks for the heads-up!