Saturday, February 17, 2018

Racial Socialist Language Politics Infects Headlines, “News” Stories, and Even the Weather Report

By Nicholas Stix

On November 7, The Boss and I were watching ABC’s Good Morning America, which she used to avoid.

The white weatherman (Bill Evans, I believe) said that “late summer” was over.

“Late summer”? Late summer was over on September 20th, almost seven weeks earlier.

Then I figured it out. He didn’t mean late summer; he meant Indian summer.

Indian summer. The ABC commissars had banned Indian summer!

There was some other pc idiocy that morning that I can’t recall. I remember wondering how NFL Hall of Famer Mike Strahan, who is black but very sharp and very funny, could stand it. He must get home every day, and do a stand-up routine, mocking what he’d heard that day.

A multimillion-dollar salary goes a long way towards salving one’s wounds.

Meanwhile, he’s working with humorless, pc, black lesbian Robin Roberts, who is 100% with the program.

At 4:06 a.m. today, in AOL headlines:

“Nathan Chen turns heads with record-breaking skate”

Pretty, shapely girls turn heads. If Nathan Chen turned any heads, it was probably among the homosexuals in the viewing audience.

The headline writer deliberately misused the headline, because Chen is a man. She/he/it—s/h/it, for short—would never have dared use that vernacular the proper way for a girl.
Several years ago, AOL lied, and posted a story claiming that a man had had a baby.

It is biologically impossible for a man to have a baby, and that’s exactly why AOL lied.

A lesbian had taken male hormones, grown a mustache, gotten a short, men’s haircut, dressed like a man, and gotten herself knocked up with a full turkey baster from a sperm bank.

But instead of honest reporting, e.g., “Crazy Lez Gets Herself Knocked Up, While Impersonating a Man,” the media operative foisted a hoax on the world.

Now, they do that sort of thing all the time, regarding other non-existent classes of people, e.g., “transgenders.”

I don’t know what to call this country, but it ain’t America anymore. My brain is still in America, but I’m unemployable.


Anonymous said...

"Good Morning,Red America",is unwatchable because of Roberts alone.Personally,my view of Strahan is that he is not deserving of this job--or his previous stint,as Regis Philbin's successor with Kelly Ripa.His knowledge of most topics is limited.Remember when these shows used to have actual newspeople as hosts?Having Strahan as host would be comparable to placing Dick Butkus or Alan Page on the "Today" show in the 70s,instead of Hugh Downs or Brokaw.Stefanapolous' past alliance with the Clinton's says enough about his viewpoint on most issues."GMRA" tries to further the liberal agenda of pushing whitey out the door.I haven't seen CBS "This Morning",since Charlie Rose was dumped for another,(younger)liberal freak,Dickerson.No need to.
Anyone that can watch the whiney voiced Savannah Guthrie and her sidekick Hoda (who STILL looks like a missing link between ape and human,imho)has far more tolerance of fluff style TV than I do.
I watch Varney and co.for stock and news info.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Most don't understand what Indian summer means. Warm weather unseasonable after the first frost.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick update on the double murder,that occurred in Grand Rapids a while back.This was the one with the grandmother and 2 year old shot dead as the grandfather stepped out for a few minutes.
Two weeks later,"a person of interest",was picked up and identified as Norman Muhammad.
Today,police reported him dead.
As it turned out,police chased him into the woods a week ago,where he complained of feeling ill.Police say he's been hospitalized ever since.The coroner says "he died of natural causes."(Uh huh.Not to mention a little coke now and then?)They also say the double murder case remains open,though the criminal career of Muhammad's has been closed.
No taxpayer dollars for a trial or incarceration.Money saved.
The end.
--GR Anonymous