Friday, February 09, 2018

Crypto-Communist Chancellor Angela Merkel Buys Some Time for Her Mission to Destroy Germany



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By Nicholas Stix

I left the following comment.

Mr. Kern quotes too much from emasculated German journalists, habituated as they are to a political environment in which one must bite one’s tongue, and nothing from AfD, or its supporters.

Angela Merkel is the worst German chancellor since Hitler. An argument can be made that she is worse. For while Hitler was genocidal, he did not seek to annihilate Germany. But Merkel is genocidal, and she seeks to annihilate Germany.

The question is, Can Germany be saved from Merkel’s depredations? At present, the answer is, “No.”

Saving Germany would require that all of the over 2,000,000 Moslem rapefugees she has welcomed since 2015 and any relatives they have brought over, be deported.

I see nothing on that matter from Mr. Kern, or from the unmanned German journalists he quotes. That gives me my answer.

Auf nimmer wiedersehen, Deutschland.

Germany: Merkel Pays High Price for Fourth Term
"This will not be long."
By Soeren Kern
February 9, 2018 at 5:00 a.m.
Gatestone Institute

"Merkel will govern...but her government will be under the heading 'this will not be long.' This refers to Merkel, and also to the fact that in many parts of the country there is the feeling that 'this' should not continue." — Kurt Kister, Editor-in-Chief, Süddeutsche Zeitung.

"The CDU retains control of the beautiful-sounding, but in fact powerless, Ministry of Economy, the unpopular Ministry of Health, the crisis-prone Ministry of Defense and the shadowy existence of ministerial posts in the Chancellery, for education and agriculture. That is little for the strongest faction in the Bundestag." — Editorial, Münchner Merkur.

"The CDU was transformed into Merkel's own personal political party. On the way, though, the competition of political ideas—the policy conflicts that are the lifeblood of democracy and which provide voters with direction—was lost." — René Pfister, head of the Berlin bureau, Der Spiegel….

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There IS a resemblence.Both nutcases too.