Monday, February 12, 2018

“Minnesota” Woman Ordered Detained on Terror, Arson Charges; She Confessed to Authorities that She Had Set Nine Fires, and Sought to Murder Scores of Young Children and Women; Now She’s Pleading “Not Guilty”!


Suspected war criminal, Tnuza Jamal Hassan

By Reader-Researcher RC

Minnesota Woman Ordered Detained on Terror, Arson Charges

A Minnesota woman who is accused of trying to travel to Afghanistan to join al-Qaida was "self-radicalized" and intended to kill people when she set several fires on a college campus last month, a federal prosecutor argued Monday.Tnuza Jamal Hassan, 19, of Minneapolis, was arrested last month after allegedly setting nine fires at St.


Anonymous said...

Different kind of "dreamer".She's dreaming about killing real Americans.I wonder if they'll charge her with anything at all or just send her directly to San Francisco for sanctuary.I can see this type of thing becoming a board game--in the same general vein as "Monopoly"--dice,little game pieces resembling Mexicans(sombrero or taco),Somalis(pirate ship),Muslims(turban)etc.Simply called "Dreamer",roll dice to see what part of the country you wind up in,how many crimes you commit before you're eventually arrested.Pull a "Fate card" to see if you're either deported or sent to a sanctuary city(The ratio of sanctuary city cards to deportation is 10-1)to be free to be even more felonious.
Makes a great gift for Democrats and other communist types.
Meanwhile,we'll see what they do with this criminal.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Somali. Just about the most dangerous people on the planet. Right up there with the Chechen. Very volatile and resort to violence of an extreme nature quicker and for less reason than most other persons. Their true and basic nature.