Thursday, February 08, 2018

George W. Bush Says U.S. Should Thank, Welcome Illegals


One of America's worst presidents, who has sought to sabotage the Trump Administration

By A Texas Reader

"Americans don’t want to pick cotton at 105 degrees"

José Medellín - Wikipedia

José Ernesto Medellín Rojas (March 4, 1975 – August 5, 2008), born in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, was a Mexican national who was executed by lethal injection for ...

The Bush administration briefed the Supreme Court on the obligation to comply with international treaties. On March 25, 2008, in Medellín v. Texas, the court rejected the Bush administration's arguments and cleared the way for Texas to execute the sentence.[3] The International Court of Justice later ruled that the United States had violated its treaty obligations.[4]


Anonymous said...

Bush has turned into a real a-hole,joining the Clintons and Obama in that not so exclusive club.They bow before Soros and spread the globalist mantra.Disgusting to see him talk this way--especially after it was on his watch that 9/11 took place.
--GR Anonymous

Quinten Quartermain said...

I am so sick of the one percenters saying they do work that Americans won't do, how would they know.

Anonymous said...

The liberal media should combine MSNBC,NBC,CBS,CNN,ABC and create one huge network--the same exact programming on all channels,I'd guess--call it ADDTV.Attention Deficit Disorder television.It's actually already here,but I think they should just make it official.
Monday they hopped on the stock market dive by saying,"It was Trump's fault."
The next day--a rebound,brought crickets.Thursday,another 1000 points down,and more accusations about Trump proudly noting stock gains,as the reason for the correction.
Then the budget agreement looked like it was a goner--Lesta said,"Trump's fault.He said,'Bring on a shutdown.'"
Today--an agreement,brought more crickets.
These problems averted in turn,brought Lesta to Rob Porter and more fingerpointing.Now,"Trump has a wifebeater working for him."
When the initial story goes nowhere,the media keeps moving,looking and digging for another one that,supposedly makes Trump look bad.
I'd just ignore them from now on.
--GR Anonymous
Btw--Norman Mohammed was arrested today,in an apartment on the south side of Grand Rapids.He has not yet been charged in the double murders of two blacks (a 2 year old and a grandmother),but it shouldn't be long.

Anonymous said...

They have had machines to pick cotton at 105 F. for a long time.

Most other crops too.